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For me low investment is actually investing in people be it in our spouses,friends or family members as much as we mustn't be trillion loads of dollars to be able to invest in people ,whatever we can do to uplift the next person will go a long way.

Low investment can be loading one phone weekly to check up on people that are dear and near to us,reaching out to the needy in any little way can add up to sustain them.keeping a check on a neighbour kid or kids could still be an investment, most times money isn't needed at all to invest, just ones time and effort might just be what is required.

It always good to invest in personal relationship whether in cash or in kind.
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For my personal understanding of the question in the context it is asked is about the investment you are to make in the life of those close to you in order for them to have balance in every area of their lives.

I will say that there is no any other type of investment greater than the one you invest in people's lives. This could be giving your ample time to listen to the plights like your spouses, siblings, parents, relatives and even friends.

If we all can have someone who can give us a listen ears whenever we are have problems be it psychological or emotional, it will go a long way in helping us to heal and feel better about ourselves.

This days people are too busy to the point they barely have time for their loved ones and this has really led to many feeling lost. No wonder mental illness and suicide are rife in our society ever than before.
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In general, to invest means to allocate something in the expectation that one will benefit something in the future. Personal relationships, on the other hand, is the kind of connection you build with people through emotional bonds and interactions.

Now, to say that one is not investing too much, in my opinion, means that you are not putting yourself out there to the point where people will really get to know you. For some reason or another, you do not expose yourself too much such that people won't discover the real you. On the other hand, this may also mean that you are interacting with people but you are only building shallow connections that won't really matter whether or not it will last.
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