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Have been wondering about this question for quite some time now.

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Once it expires, it become more poisonous and that has not been studied that is why it is advise not to use once it expires. Poison are used to damage something or to diminish something. Even it is on a bad sides, manufacturing companies benefit from it. Even with poison, it has an expiry dates. Meaning, you can use it before the expiry dates and not use it after it, because some chemicals breakdown and you don't what will happen once you still continue to use it. Some things are not in our control, it could be more dangerous, it could explode before your eyes or you would not feel it but you already inhale some chemical particles breaking down, directly goes to lungs and will give you illness in the long run. Once a poison is expired, stop using it, it could be more dangerous.
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I don't think poison expires. And even if it does expire, it will only increase it poisonous content and the harm it will cause will be more deadly than before it got expires. Let take for example, canned food with specified expiring date label on it. You will notice that as such food expires its nutritional value decreases. And this can be attributed to it losing its main nutritional components. But in this case of poison, it of common reason that it will definitely increase its poisonous content due to the fact that there was never anything nutritional or good in it. Right from the moment it was manufactured, all what was expected from it is to cause harm and if it expires which I strongly doubt it does expire, it will only become more poisonous than before not the other way round.
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It depends on the poison. Pesticides typically break down over time and lose their toxicity; they also start forming flakes, crystals or caking that can't be used in sprayers, rendering them ineffective. This isn't always the case though, as these substances can break down into something more poisonous, or at least poisonous in ways you don't want them to be. For example, an old herbicide could end up damaging the crops. And then there are compounds like arsenic and mercury that don't typically break down this way. Instead, they absorb moisture from the air and become harder to use; which doesn't necessarily means less toxic. The chemically altered form of arsenic is in fact more lethal most of the time (i.e., it takes a smaller dose to kill something), but it takes longer to act (i.e., it takes days instead of hours), making it less useful.
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Hahaha...I just can't stop laughing. This is by far the most craziest thought I've come across on this platform but its also a deep question and something to think about.

I don't know more about poisons because I have never experimented with any. But wait, I think the whole idea of the poison thing is basically expiration, expiring anything you use it on. Don't you agree? I've red about cases and situations where people use expired drugs as an alternative for poison and it turned out to be really effective. So for a substance to be called poison which can be made out of an expired non-poison substances, i think an expired poison would be a distinction if the unexpired one had an A+ rating. There you have it. Now you've brought about this question, i think I'll do a little research on it and get back with a more reasonable answer.

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