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Yes I really did earn some points, you just have to very patient and eventually, you will be able to hit the minimum payout.

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Of course, points are earned on every answer you provide to question. Same goes for comment, reply, and question. All these points are accrued for one to be able to partake on the rewards program.
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Yes I always earned points here every time I answer every questions and I do reply to every answers or a question itself.
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Yes - it is a legit site. It just takes a little while to get up to that 3000 point minimum withdrawal amount. 

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If you mean if we earn points here on Answeree then the answer for your question is yes. There are a few rules for you to earn points though, for example you need to answer questions (not simply leave comments). When you answer you get 10 points (which means you get 10 dollar cents), when you get your answer as a favorite you earn extra 4 cents. When you ask questions you get 1 point. When you reach the amount of 30 USD then you are able to request to the answeree team a withdrawal. Then the team sends you paypal account the 30 dollars or whatever value that you have in your account. It takes a long time to get 30 dollars though.
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We do earn points here in Answeree. The moment you ask a question, answer or reply to another person's question, the points will automatically be reflected into your account. Basically, 1 point is equivalent to 0.01USD. For every answer, you'll earn 10 points whereas 1 point for every question and reply. You need to earn a total of 3000 points for you to request your first payout. You may go ahead and check the Answeree Rewards page to learn more about the rules and how the point-system works.

I understand that new members tend to be skeptical about the page but top users have already posted proof of their earnings here. I do believe that this is an awesome site. So let's all have fun.
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Yes we do, after this reply answer to your comments, I will have additional 10 points added to my balance. Yes, we can earn points in here but that depends on the number of words per answer. If your think you can profound your answer to the question for more than 600 characters or 120 words, then you can hit answer. If you think you cannot increase your  answer like that, you cannot explain it further, then you can hit reply and you only needed 15 words and more. I think it is just enough words to explain your answer to the question. We are all given a chance to explain our answer to make it worth and the person who started the question will truly understand. It is also for us to share our learning and experience more so I take we should take advantage not only in points.

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