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Home remedy will work for a few people while clinical solutions will work for others. 
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It depends how big is the mole? if it a small one and is reachable without any help from someone, you can use a thin string and use it to tie around the mole. leave it there for like a week, it will eventually loosen and fall off on it's own

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There are home remedies that could erase moles but I have to tell you I haven't tried this and I am not planning of removing one of my moles. Normally, a person has 10 to 40 moles in different parts of their body. You don't need to remove a mole if it doesn't bothers you. If it does these are the home remedy. Tapping a garlic in your mole to break it down in particles. It could burn it or it has a burning sensations so be aware. You can regularly put apple cider vinegar to make the color not stronger. Applying iodine to kill the mole. In surgery you can stop the mole from growing or you can really remove it. I know a person who consistently put aloe vera moisturizer on her mole for 3 years and the moles are no longer there. I cannot explain the reason behind though.
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The best idea is always to see a doctor first as what you think is a mole might not exactly be a mole. Some people end up finding that their "moles" are signs of bad illness, so seeing a doctor is the best thing to do in all circunstances. Now if you are 100% sure it is a small mole then you can use some pharmacy products to dry the mole and have it fall in a couple of days (if it is a really small mole that is). Now if your mole hurts or is big than going to the doctor so he can do it is the best idea. In fact going to the doctor should be the rule in all cases, even when it comes to moles. So the more you know about the mole the easier it will to have it sucessfully removed by a professional that can really help you. Sometimes doing it on your own might end up hurting you more.
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Since moles are skin related conditions that are formed as a result of gathering of skin on a particular spot with dark or brown appearance which failed to spread to other parts of the body. There treatments can only be done by a professional dermatologist. The treatment of mole is totally dependent on the size of it. After careful examimation of it, the dermatologist can decide to perform simple operation on it through a procedure called biopsy. With this he can cut or shave the mole to reveal it interior part before further evaluation is carried out it. If it is a type of mole perceived to be cancerous, the dermatologist can cut through it and follow it with stitching it. And with patience, over time the mole wound would get healed.
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I always like to go the naturally way of anything before thinking about another solution. In this case I will think the natural ways should be used first before meeting a Doctor or an expert for the take off.

Using the natural means like applying pure honey or cidar vinegar is very cheap.So instead of booking for that expensive clinical remedy try the cheap remedy first.

The natural remedy items to be used are very easy to find.Solution like the use of banana peel,garlic and baking soda can be found even at home.

Natural remedy seem the best for me because one is sure of no complications at home.Just apply the natural remedy and watch the mole vanish whether it takes long or not. But the fact is that it wouldn't come with any risk.
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