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• pigmentation is mainly caused high production of melanin.

• the discoloration of skin can be treated using some creams .

• high exposure to sun should be avoided and need to use SPF creams.

•you can use citric acid based creams or directly use lemon juice for treating pigmentation

• always use sun protection creams while going out.
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Skin pigmentation comes as a result of many reasons and some of them include: direct exposure to sunshine, skin damage from injury, allergic reactions among other reasons.

This can be treated at home and there's no need of visiting the doctor.Some of the remedies include:

Using a raw potato. Raw potato contains an enzyme called catecholase. This enzyme inhibits one's malanocytes curbing excessive melanin production.

All you have to do is slice the potato into half then add few drops of water and  then rub the potato in circular motion in the affected area with lukewarm water.Do this twice a day for one month.

In case it does won't work then consider using lemon juice but mix it with honey and repeat the exact procedure from above.

Something else you have to do is, avoid direct contact with the sun, maintain high personal hygiene and finally take a balanced diet.
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Skin pigmentation could come about for various reasons, some which can be avoided and some which are unavidable like sunlight. sunlight is good for our bodies and skin but again too much of it can cause trouble. There is pigmentation that can be treated without creams depending on what caused it in the first place. you cannot start treating pigmentation that has been caused by someone trying to bleach themselves, that is actually permanent there is not much that can be done. but if it is acne, there are many ways . like using apple cider that has the mother, you can cleanse your face with it then use not very harsh moisturisers, use mild ones like vaseline for example that's the best especially for delicate skin. then you can also use lemon, tumeric and sandal wood powder mixed together with some lemon. apply throughout the face leave on for 20 min then rinse off with warm water do this repeatedly and thank me later.

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