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Well everything in life has a logical explanation but explaining something as complex as love can be quite the challenge - I am quite sure there are no books that explain how love happens with 100% accuracy, but there are some common idea that show how it happens and why it actually happens to people. There is the first thing: physical attraction. Sometimes we are drawn to a person becaue of his looks and not because they are nice. Sometimes we like them because of their personality or even because of both things, it really depends. There is also love because of interest and other things so it really depends on the case for you to know the perfect answer to this question. Some people simply love because they are compassionate as well.
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It is only natural to fall in love by attraction. When someone catches our attention relatively through our interest and preference, we begin to nurture a certain feeling until it hatches into love. Some people fall in love with what they see instantly and it is called love at first sight.

Some people get attracted by physical attributes, others by personality. It is usually what catches our interests since different people have different specs and standards that influence their preferences.

Ultimately it becomes a pure feeling of care, compassion and joy towards another person. This feeling is undiluted and unconditional. Love can take many forms and sometimes love can be mistaken with other feelings such as lost, possession and desire.
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I do think that physical attraction plays a role in love but that would only be true for some time. I think once the two persons get to know each other better, this attraction is strengthened by a deeper connection. Usually, we get so caught up into having this ideal image of the person we are looking for, and this image typically includes the physical attributes that we often find attractive. However, in reality, we do not always find the exact person we dreamed of meeting. And so there comes the realization that love goes beyond physical appearance and is overpowered by the attraction to the personality. And I think it is something amazing that love teaches us--to get past the society's definition of beauty, and to love a person for who he or she really is.
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Love is more of emotions than any thing physical though it can  transcends to physical by showing the one you love the extend of your love but the emotional state must be turned into action.

Physical love can be shown by sharing high and low moments with a loved one. Helping out in whatever way one deem fits.Being there for the person whenever the need arises, Giving the loved one a shoulder to lean on,when about to fall.Just color the person's world with love.This will help the person see love physically and feels it even if it can't be touched.
So physical explanation of love is turning the emotions to actions, then the one you loved feel the love and relish it.
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According to the law of attraction, two homogenous species are likely to gravitate towards each other. And when it comes to using this natural law to explain the physical aspect of love, it is not difficult to understand that it is only normal for one to feel attracted to the opposite sex if he/she finds him/her attractive.

But the truth is because you are attracted to somebody physically due to their physical appealing attributes does not mean that love has been identified in such a person. That's where most of us usually get it wrong. We think love is something that has to do with good look(beauty). May I remind you that it's not all that glitters that is gold.

Hence love that is based on physical attraction may just turn out to be mere infatuation.
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Love is a natural affection that exists between two people which is at all times expressed by physical attraction.
Love between parents and children begins to have effect as the children grows and they begin to understand the extent of their relationship between them and their parents and also within them as siblings, this occurs as a result of physical interaction that binds them together at all time.
The physical likeness and attraction that makes two people to become friends, share opinions, feelings and desires are also attributes of physical explanation of the existence of love as a bond between two or more.
If you don't hug,kiss nor have other romantic duties with your spouse and you claim to love him or her  it a waste of time. Successful marriages are sustained as a result of physical expressions of love.
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You can be infatuated because you are attracted, but I don't think it will turn to love. It will turn to love if you are weak and if you are just looking for a good looking one. If you are deep, then you should not be looking at the person physically. I know a friend, who's boyfriend is too fat for her. At first, of course, he was judge by the circle of friends and even make fun of him when we first met him. However, during sharing of thoughts, we found out how smart that person is and he even look responsible. Little by little, I realized what makes my friend fall for him was because he has a clear outlook in life and he is doing everything to achieve his goals. I am kinda turned off with people who do not have plans or even organization. He has it. For me, love is not about how you look but how you live your life and sharing those experiences for the benefits of others.

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