The thing is a closed friend of mine was actually narrating to me how she was compelled to do family planning while she was still under 30 years of age due to she given birth to three kids via C-sections. Apparently, she doesn't want to take in again. And this got me wondering, what could be the dangers, if there are, of forced menopause in a woman?
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I think it has a danger because we are forcing our normal body cycle to stop producing it. It's is like you are forcing your tooth to take it out because you don't wanted it.
When the medical procedure is carried out well, I'm sure that it does not pose any harm or any health problems for the woman. 

Also considering the fact she already underwent 3 surgery to give birth, it's something I would advice her to accept and do. 

It's for her own safety. 

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I think that calling the situation of your friend a forced menopause made it sounded so scary and bad but in actual essence it's not something that bad because it's what the medical field calls family planning in order to prevent having more children when are satisfied with the number of children that you want to bring into the world.

Now, family planning is 100 percent safe as long as you are sure of getting a real medical professional to do it for you. The only issue which I would say to have witnessed in doing family planning especially for the women is that it affects women differently. There are some people whom when they do the family planning, they would keep getting fat while some women don't feel anything at all.
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Why I said forced is because it wasn't her intention to do it but she had to because she couldn't bear to take in again due to the ugly experience she went through in giving birth to her three children all through C-section. 

You are correct. It does make them very fat. Please, can you tell me how they can manage their fatness since it's not triggered by factors for other kinds of overweight. I really need your help on this.
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Based on what I have read, forced menopause usually occurs after a medical treatment such as chemotherapy or other cancer treatments. Women who have experienced this, did not undergo the typical transition process or the perimenopause, which leads to abrupt physical and emotional changes, as a result of the shut down of production of estrogen and progesterone (the two essential hormones that support the menstrual cycle and fertility). When this occurs, women become more prone to low bone density, osteoporosis and fracture, and have a higher risk of acquiring heart disease. Compared to women who undergo menopause naturally, the effects are more intense with forced menopause. This includes: hot flashes, night sweats, mood swings, depression, vaginal dryness, and low libido.
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Menopause naturally occurs when women reaches the age of 40s and 50s. However some can go through menopause at younger age through their ovaries removed.

There are some side effects of forced menopause 

  • Menopause symptoms can get worse like difficulty in sleeping ,reduced veginal lubrications ,memory loss
  • Oestrogen helps in strong bond and when it decreases it can cause bone thinning and weakness in muscles 
  • Oestrogen helps in preventing heart diseases.
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