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Hi, guys. This question came into my mind upon seeing the flag icon beside each user's name. I come from the Philippines, and here's what our flag symbolize:

Our flag symbolizes the Filipinos' independence. Each rays (there are a total of eight) of the sun pertains to the provinces who fought against Spain to reclaim our freedom. Whilst the blue color symbolizes peace, truth, and justice, the red color is for patriotism and valor. The three stars, on the other hand, stand for the three major island groups where the revolution started: Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao.
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We are in the same country and I am sure you have provided everything about the meaning of our flag. I will just add that when the red is on top, it means the country is on war.
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I really do not know the meaning of the flag of my country I never tried to search for it also, Am I being bad because I do not the meaning of the flag which where I was born?
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No offense meant but as far as I remember students are taught of what our flag symbolizes as early as elementary. Remember Sibika and Kultura?

I hope you will take time to read about our history.
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haha, you are right but as far as I know, I really have forgotten all about it a long time ago, it is not that I'm not concerned with our country but I see less interest about it. I don't know why but I'm more into a reading mystery of this earth than our country :)

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I am from Philippines too and I agree with your details about our flag.

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I'm a Nigerian and we have our national flag with the green white green colors.This flag was adopted on 1st October, 1960 same day we gain independence from British rule.The designer of the national flag is Taiwo  Akinkunmi from the western part of the country in 1959.

The two green stripped on Nigeria's national represent the natural wealth of the nation,its ever green vegetation and agriculture while the white symbolize peace.and purity.

The Nigerian flag carries a unique identity and helps make us stands out.The Nigerian flag has a standard measure of about 1.2 meters in breath and 2.4 meters in height.

The National flag is shown so much respect because no other flag must be flown above it here.
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Wow. It is good for the country that the country has her proud citizens who are very supportive and very proud of the country. You very well know your flag.
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For clarity sake so that you don't get where I am from confused, I felt it will be better for me to make known to would-be readers the country I am. I am from Nigeria. A country popularly known as the giant of Africa often known for her diverse ethnicity multi cultural heritage, as well as massive population and large land mass.

Nigeria National flag is the green white green. The green colours in the flag symbolize our agricultural exploits through farming activities. The green colours tell of our rich soil because their is no part of the country that can't be cultivated. And when cultivated high crop yields are expected. That's why it's no surprising we are great importers of foreign cash crops.

The white part of the flag stands for peace that we've been experiencing from colonial era down to our independence right up till now as a soverign state.
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That is a very good answer, A very well explanation of your flag. It really clarifies what is the meaning of the Nigerian flag. Now I know its meaning. 
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That's a nice question. My flag has four colour, that's, black, red, green and white. Each of the four colours has got some meaning. We start with black at the top. It represents our skin colour. Kenya is in Africa and most people are black. The black colour just shows that we appreciate our skin colour. Then after black comes white. White symbolises peace. In our day to day endeavors, its upon every Kenyan to preach peace. After white comes red. This red colour symbolises the blood that was shed during the scramble for independence. A lot of blood was shed and the red colour on our flag always reminds us and we will never forget. We finally have the green colour at the bottom. Green symbolises vegetation. Agriculture is the  most source of life living in our country and a good percentage of Kenyans practice agriculture.
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It is really good to hear the meaning of your flag. You describe and explain very thoroughly. I'm glad to know that you black skin people are very proud of your color. I really love it when you say it like that. keep that spirit sister.
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I am from Kenya too and I really love the symbol of our flag. I always feel that it is so unique.
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I'm from Nigeria. My country's flag is very beautiful, simple and unique. It was designed in 1759 but became official one the 1st of October. Independence Day from colonial rule and most important day for Nigerians.
The flag has just two colors ,green and white. The design is that of three vertical bands, green, white, green. The designer was only a 23 year old student who entered the competition for creating a new Nigerian flag.

The green color stands for Nigeria's immense wealth. This isn't an understatement. Nigeria has one of the most fertile lands in the world. Rich in agriculture, mineral resources and human resources. The White color simply stands for peace. Peace can only come from everyone of us.
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You are also a Nigerian, you are the third person I know who is Nigerian. All of you are very well versed with your flag. You, Nigerian people, are very united and truly love your country.
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Oh yes. We really appreciate. Thank you for you kind words. Every country deserves that from its citizens. 
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I am from England in the United Kingdom and very proud of it. Our flag is the Union Jack which is red white and blue. The flag combines three older national flags.

The wide red cross down the centre is for St. George of England, the white saltire (diagonal stripes) represents St. Andrew of Scotland and these two were originally united in the first flag. The red diagonal stripes represent St. Patrick of Ireland and were added later. The blue is just the background,

Wales is not included in the Union Jack and although it is part of the United Kingdom it has its own flag of a Welsh dragon. It had already been united to England when the first flag came out in 1606 when James VI of Scotland became King of England.(James I). Apparently although the first flag was supposed to symbolise unity there was international controversy when the first flag came out as the English resented the design as did Scotland.

The flag was normally used at sea to begin with and it is thought that it got the name Jack because it was flown at the bow end of the ship by the jack staff.
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I am from Nepal. Nepal's national flag has a unique shape that is not seen in any flags in the world. Almost all flags are rectungular in shape, however, Nepal's national flag is two triangles positioned horizontaly. The background color is red with blue boarder. On the upper triangle there is a white color moon in cresent shape and on the lower triangle there is a white colored sun. No one knows exactly the true history of Nepal's national flag. It has been used since ancient times. The replica of this flag can be seen in many ancient monuments. The sun and moon represents the rulers of Nepal nation that belonged to the Sun clan or Moon clan. Sun and moon in the flag also means that the Nepal natiion will last as long as sun and moon are in the sky. The red color represent the revolutionary sprint of the people and white color reprenents peace and normalacy.
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Yes, I have also noticed the unique shape of your flag. When I first saw your name in the Home page, I hovered over your flag to see which country it is. I was about to ask you the meaning of having two triangles but then you mentioned that no one knows the true history of you flag. But I'm still so curious so I'd like to know what has been taught to you in school or even by elders about the symbolism that the triangle shape has to your country?
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It is not known but speculated that the flag was used by a King of Kathmandu in the antiquity when the city was referred as Nepal. History of modern Nepal began in the1774 when King Prithvi captured Kathmandu and and other smaller stares and founded Greater Nepal. He adopted the flag as the national flag.

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