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When will you adopt a child and why will you adopt one.
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Every parent wishes to have their own child but when it's medically proven that it's not going to be possible, then it's right time to go for adoption. 
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Yea, I totally with you, if one has any medical problem then it a good grounds to adopt a child. 

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It is appropriate to adopt a child when you are mentally, financially and emotional ready. Raising a  child is no easy task. It takes dedication and a lot of sacrifices. It is one thing to bring a child into this world and it is another to raise them. This is why people who are unfit give them up for adoption.

You must be able to give that child all the love you can. Especially when you don't have any  kids, loving and caring for a child might seem all new to you but the natural human instinct in you will pick up in no time.

Adopting children is awesome. It gives them the hope of a new life and a sense of belonging in society. The best you can do for them is to love them unconditionally. Even now that I can't adopt, I always make an effort to help the orphans.
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You have really analysed it.i think the orphans really need all the help we can really offer them. I hope others can have same mindset to help. 
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Exactly! If you are not absolutely ready to see the adopted child as your own flesh and blood, then it's not the right time to go for child adoption. 
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It really a humane thing to do by adopting a child especially those in the orphanage homes. The kids there really need love and care. 
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I don't have to adopt a child as I already have children, but there are people who adopt children even after having their own. Take the case of Denmark. As the population there is not that as in India, the government was the people there to adopt children even after giving birth to their own. This is because education there is free for all children up to the secondary level. Apart from that the taxes are less for people with families.

However in India the population is 130 crores and it's not possible to give such facilities and hence only those people who do not have children and who can afford to run them until they establish themselves. Therefore it is better to adopt a child when a couple is young so that the child can grow make a career before the parents are too old.

Its only the affluent in India like celebreties who can afford to adopt children even after having there own children.
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I hope those that can help in adoption would do. I know celebrites do adopts kids I hope others follow suit. It will be very helpful. 
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There are circumstances which will force you to adopt a child. Like for instance, if God doesn't bless you with one, that's is, you realise you're barren or your husband is barren. The only way out in this situation is to adopt at least you can have a family and reduce the boredom. Also, you can adopt if you have only one gender kids and needs the other gender as well. Most of the African men value baby boys more than baby girls and they'll be very satisfied if they sire boys. In case they're only blessed with girls, they'll consider doing an adoption. Finally, you can adopt when you realise that the parents to those kids have died and they have no one or close relative who can take good care of them. The only problem with adoption is that it will take a lot of time before you get used to them as part of your family.
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Well,even if it will take time the good thing is that a child is being cared and catered always good to show those kids love.
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Whoever wants to adopt a child must be ready to do so. Such readiness include financial, mental and physical disponsition. If you don't have all things in place it won't be appropriate to go adopt a child because doing so would be seen as an act of insensitivity as the parents would only add more salt to injury to the child.
More seriously, adopting a child requires utmost compassion, love and affection. Because all of these are going to be needed at the elementary stage of the adoption. The child definitely need all these things for him/her to be able to adjust to the new life he/she would be facing under the roof of the adopters. The adopted child needs to all the love in the world to feel at home. It won't be ideal for the child's health if he/she is treated with hostility.
The parents intending to adopt a child must take all these things into consideration before doing so. They must have the money to carter properly for the child. Emotional stability is also vital for them to show the child unconditional love and care.
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Definitely, People need empathy to really care for adopted kids. I will really love to adopt a kid or two I will really love to show them love. 
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It's always a thing of joy for a parent to have their own child instead of going to adopt another person's child and take the child as their own flesh and blood. But in life, I have come to understand that we don't always get what we want or what we deserved which is why there seems to be one good solution to every problem.
Now, in my personal opinion on when it's the right time for any family to take the decision of going to adopt a child should be when they have exhausted all the options available for them to be able to have their own child or when it's obvious that both of the husband and wife cannot be able to conceive a child, with either the man being impotent or the women being infertile. Under this circumstances, the only option left would be to go for child adoption.
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Yes,I wish people will always think about this than just waiting endlessly for their own biological mustn't always come from one's loins.
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I had my children naturally but for those couples who long for a child and are unable to have one adoption is a wonderful solution. I think most couples want to have their own child but if they have tried the usual channels without success then adoption is the next step.

However, I think they should think about it carefully before embarking on this. I say this because I know of a couple who adopted a child and had a terrible time with her, She was just a nightmare child and terrible teenager. Could this have been inherited from her natural parents?  They were a caring couple who gave her everything she needed and loved her unconditionally despite her terrible behaviour. In the end she ran off and they lost touch with her.

This is an extreme case and There are many children who grow up beautifully with adoptive parents. There are so many unwanted children out there looking for loving homes so if a couple are sure this is what they want I think they should go ahead.
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Well,I don't think because she was adopted that is why she turn out that way. It might just be his or her personality. There are some very stubborn biological kids. 
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First of all, the decision of adopting a child is a tough one. There has to be an actual reason why a person or couple would choose to adopt a child. I like to believe that being unable to have their own children is one of such reasons.

Unfortunately not everyone is capable of having kids. Some people get diagnosed with sterility and despite all medical trials and medication, they still end up not being able to reproduce. I think this the point when adoption becomes an option, especially if the said persons really need kids in their lives.

Some people on the other hand are passionate about adopting kids in an attempt to give them a better life. Some of these people have kids of their own, but they simply choose to help improve the society by giving orphans another chance at life.

Whatever the case or reason, i believe adopting a child is huge responsibility. It's takes a lot of effort and dedication like someone said to bring up a child. It takes a good person with a kind heart to go through such process and treat the child as if they were theirs. If life treats me fairly and I come to a point when I realize I have the finances, can put the effort and have the goodwill, i won't mind adopting a child too.
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Those in the orphanage homes need love more and if we have the means by all means we shiuld adopt them and cared for them like our own. 
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Adoption is always a last resort to people who have long waited for God to bless them with a child.

In my opinion, it will be good to adopt a child, if couples have waited for at least five years after marriage with out a child because some times lack of child is usually beyond medical explanations,  such that after adopting a child, God in his infinity Mercy then bless the couple,  I have seen a situation where couples were married for almost 12 years with out a child, then they adopted a child 6 years after their marriage, two years post adoption God blessed them with a twin.
Adoption erases the feelings of depression faced by the couple especially the women and it also makes them feel fulfilles as parents and hopeful.they will also have their biological child.
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Well stated, it like the burden is always on the women more. Adopting a child or two can help ease the pains I believe couple with this kind of problem should think adoption. 

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