Do you wear shorts in night? Do you like to wear it at night?
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I don't believe in changing dress before going to sleep. Getting sleep is more important.
I would very much prefer to be naked when sleeping at night but I can manage wearing shorts as well as long as it's not too tight. 

I hate sleeping with any clothes on my body. 
If its winter, no I won't wear shorts, but when it summer yes, I do wear short when going to sleep.

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Hi! Yes, when I am at home and the weather is warm I do like wearing them, and in fact I am wearing them right now. I am not a big fan of wearing them when I go out, but when it is super warm I like to wear black spandex shorts as they are comfortable and soft. I hate how our legs get sweaty behind the knees when we are wearing jeans or any other sort of pants during warm summers, so shorts are the best answer, as the inside part of your thighs also dont get spleens. I dont like jeans shorts for example as they are too thigh and rough on the body....they are often too tight and too small for my tastes. I am more of a pants person when it is not soooo warm, and since working with shorts is not possible I enjoy them when I can heheh! They are much better than skirts for example.
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Well,I don't think I wear my short mostly at night because I try to wear it anytime I feel like and I'm comfortable wearing it. Shorts helps me move around freely at home so anytime I need to move more at home I change into shorts.

I like the made of shorts with bogus or wide leg region it easy to rock them in a fashionable way so even when it suitable for the home fronts, one can still be a bit handsome or cute in it.

Wearing it at night is also helpful, maybe when trying to sleep with it especially during summer or a hot night one can readily get some fresh air into the body through the short leg opening,shorts will make one sleep peacefully without fatigue and stretching while sleeping will be a lot easy. So yes I prefer shorts anytime I really need it.
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I don't know if your question is referring to sleeping with shorts at night or just wearing them during night time. I think I'll go with "sleeping with shorts". It's quiet a funny question but also a good one I must say. Come to think of it, I actually enjoy sleeping in my shorts, its a little more comfortable....way too comfortable than trousers. Let me tell you a short story on why I say its way too comfy sleeping with shorts.
I had this friend when we were kids who loved his shorts so much you'd always find him wearing one of those, not just at night or sleeping, but even during the day, he felt so comfortable in his shorts. . He was 8 back then but had this problem of still wetting the bed during sleep. His folks tried in many ways to stop him from bed wetting but nothing worked untill one day, someone jokingly teased him about it adding that he probably was always wetting his bed because of his shorts. It sounded silly but the mum took it seriously and suggested he wore trousers the next night to sleep. He felt so uncomfortable that night, he couldn't sleep deep and was able to catch the pee before wetting the bed. Abrakadabra! The magic worked. He stopped bed wetting. So there you have it..#laughs.
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I can sleep more comfortably when I am wearing short at night. It keeps me safe that when I have big movement in bed, I will not show some parts of my body, compare to big shirts that I wear before. I even wear boxer shorts but now a cotton shorts are more comfortable because I cannot feel the clothes at all. I have been wearing shorts ever since i was young. It is like a ready get up clothes just in case there is an emergency in the morning that needs my attention. I can simply get out of the house with that kind of clothes. Moreover, I keep on using my favorite shorts. I have it before. I only use it as night. It is  like a pajama to me. I will change my clothes in the morning and keep it. With pajama, I buy the ones with shorts. I am really comfortable with shorts.
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Yes. I always wear shorts not only during the night but whenever I feel like to. Wearing shorts is very comfortable especially during the summer when we get to feel sweaty and all. I actually have a favorite shorts, which I have been wearing since college. It has a green color with white stipes on the side and is made of cotton. As funny as it is, shorts is often the gift that I get to receive during my birthday, during Christmas, or in any other occasions. I guess it really shows how much I love wearing one.

When going to work, people often expect women to be well-dressed. Even though I do not want to conform to this impression, I sometimes don't have a choice, especially when it's made mandatory. Hence, whenever I'm wearing shorts I also feel a sense of freedom.
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My wearing of shorts is not only restricted to night alone. I even go as far as going to places during the day on it that are quite far from my immediate environment. Shorts suit my fashion sense because they allow air get to all my body parts, unlike trousers that prevent air from reaching my pubic region.

I guess my love for shorts is because of what I told about wearing it. I am a hairy guy, and I have hairs all over my body including my legs. I don't know if it's a myth or not, but I was told that the continuous wearing of shorts prevents rapid growth of hair on one's legs. Due to this, I have made it habit of wearing shorts all the time all in the hope that the hairs on legs won't be too much.

Basically, I have more shorts than trousers. And  if care is not taken, I can even travel to oversee wearing shorts. Which for me is not strange because I have traveled number of times wearing shorts.
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I always change my clothes when I go to bed. I wear a t-shirt and shorts but they are designed for bedtime. I don't really like sleeping in my day clothes. The UK is not warm at night at the moment as we go into winter so when it gets colder I will wear clothes that cover me up more but I do feel more protected if I wear something bed. Lots of people wear onesies which are all in one pyjama suits in the cold weather and some even bring their children to school still wearing them although the schools  frown on it and like parents to be dressed appropriately.

It must be nice to live in a country which is warm most of the time and be able to wear shorts for much of the time but we would definitely freeze over here in the winter months so it isn't possible.
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Normally, I would prefer to sleep naked without any clothes because it gives me better sleeping satisfaction to sleep in my bed without any clothes that sleep with wearing anything at all. But in making a choice from the question which you asked about sleeping in shorts wear, I think that I would be choosing the short dress to wearing anything big.

Actually, I find it very difficult to put on any dress at home when I'm back from work and taken my night bath and almost ready to go to bed and sleep. Now, after wearing clothes for the whole day at work, I wouldn't feel comfortable still being in another when I get home. I think that it's a better idea to give my body a little more rest from the hugging of the clothes to my skin. For the few hours I would sleep at night, I need my skin to rest as well.
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Wearing shorts in the night is dependent on two things which are the environment and the weather at that particular moment. To be frank with you, I am that kind of person that enjoys sleeping naked always especially when we are in dry season which makes the weather to be hot and heat. This is the way that I have been sleeping as well so as to avoid having rashes all over my body.

I can change to wear shorts when it is rainy season, and as we all know, this is the period when people won't always sleep naked because of the cold nature. So, I put on shorts and a sweater when I sleep.

Another thing that I consider is the environment as I always don't want to be in that situation where I will be sleeping naked when another person is sleeping beside me. So, that is also a factor as well for me.
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I think it depends on what time of the year it is. The year has different weather patterns, so i guess every month has it's way of dressing according to me. During the cold months or during winter as you make call it, shorts are the last thing on my mind. Sometimes it gets so cold, and all you want to do is put on clothes that are warm enough so that you don't catch a cold. I always feel shorts are meant for summer times, and they are meant for the outdoors not sleeping with. We are advised that when you go to sleep, your body is supposed to be relaxed, you should not have on anything that is tight, or wear something with a collar or a belt that could easily chock you while you sleep. So when i think of shorts, first and foremost they will have a band at the waist or a string or are they called straps for lack of a better word, which can cause trouble while sleeping. When you turn in your sleep, that strap can open then it coils around your body, and could cause you harm. A long flowing light dress or a short dress is good enough to wear at night, or better still have nothing on and just wrap your soft blanket around you it's a nice feeling you also give your body a breathe of fresh air. Shorts are good when your out, at the beach or taking a long summer drive, and other outdoor activities. they are light and very convenient.
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Yes. I do. Wearing convenient dress before going to sleep is very important. We couldn't go to sleep with tight dress, heavy dresses. For a good sleep lightweight free dress is also need. 
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