Lately in the States there have been woman accusing me of raping or sexually harassing them.  Now, this goes a little deeper than that though, some of these accusations are over 30 years!! I truly believe that if you have been raped or sexually harassed you should go to the police right away, not wait 30 years!!  Also, some of these cases have been false accusations or accusations that there is some proof, but since in a court of law you don't have to "prove" guilt, just proving there is some doubt.

So, my question is, should a woman who "falsely" accuses a man of rape or sexual harassment go to jail??  When a woman falsely accuses a man, that man's reputation is ruined just over false accusations.image

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Yes, everyone should pay for the crime committed (of course not below 18 and not above 60) whatever the gender is.

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What seems a little deeper is the multiple accusations. It isn't abnormal for a woman who has been raped or sexually harassed to come fort after a very long time. Such women experience psychological trauma which could be a bit severe If they don't get the help they need. There are things like fear and stigma that prevents a victim from reporting such incidents.
Years later after putting up for so long might be time when they are bold enough to come fort and speak with no fear. Only justice that the law can give them.
When a woman falsely accuses a man of rape and sexual harassment, if the verdict of the charge means going to jail, why not? Since this is based on lies before the court of law. Lies that have tarnished the image and reputation of a man.
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Why not,if the woman is found guilty then the needful should be done. Of course in my country it is constitutional for both sexes to go to jail for visible offences.

One thing that can depress one and even ruined one reputation for life is the case of rape. The penalty for such defaulters here is very severe and as such, such accusation should be accurate to avoid punishing an innocent person.

I think if such an incident occur and a woman had lied against a man to have committed and it later found it isn't true then such should be dealth with to serve as a deterrent to other bitter women that think can ruined a man life for whatever reasons.

If the trend till continues then a jail term with hard labour  should be the penalty.
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That's only an accusation and its not been proved to be real. Anyway in such a circumstance, i think it cannot be appropriate for the woman to go to jail.Jail is a place for the guilty people not the one's accusing someone of commiting a certain crime. On  contrary, its against the law in almost all the countries to accuse someone falsely for doing something. This is supposed to be charged huge cash so that they don't repeat the same mistakes again. But then, it depends with your country and how the constitution indicates. Like in my country, false accusation is always fined and that's why we have very rare cases dealing with accusations. Its always good to abide by such rules to avoid mere fines since that's just wastage of money.
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Matter of this nature has always been highly debated among the judicial and prison experts. And if granted the rare opportunity to lend my voice on the issue, I will like to remain unbiased and unsentimental about it. Some people might be swayed by feministic inclinations but obviously not me. Because in all I do, I always like justice to prevail regardless of whoever is involved.

Back to the matter but this time with a tone of leniency. If a woman commits a crime that warrants her to be sent to jail, I think in that case, she should be allowed to but with some level of mercy in terms of how she would be treated, the type of prison she is to be sent to to do her time. And essentially all the processes should be aimed at reforming her and not to hardened her as it's often experienced with most judicial systems, so that once she comes out she would become a better person, hence able to be reintegrated into the society as a normal human being.
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Why shouldn't they? Court proceedings does not and should never evolve around gender, it is only concerned on the act and If it be a woman, does it make the act any less of a crime.

We've been up and about campaigning for gender equality, women's right to fair treatment in the society as with men. So why should this be any different. Any person who committs any crime regardless of their might, decent or gender shouldn't be treated with any kind of leniency, instead be prosecuted as every other case...with exception to only minors, underaged person who can not be imprisoned basically because they lack maturity and proper understanding of certain actions they take.

"Also, some of these cases have been false accusations". Those were your own words.  It is clear that some of the women are saying the truth coming from your narration. If that be the case, then we have nothing more to talk about as yourself deserves jail time. But it is not in my place to pass judgment.

Rape is both shameful and disgraceful, an act a man shouldn't be reckon or associated with. It breaks and has the power to destroy the strongest of all good personalities. It takes a lot courage for a woman actually raped to come forward and a wicked mind for a women not rape to go to such extreme in laying an accusation. So as to the question on whether a false woman accuser should be prosecuted, my answer is yes. The society should be availed of such hate and the said person needs some sort of self reflection to rehabilitate the mind. Prison should do just fine. But only when it is without any doubt that the man is being falsely accused.

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Digging to the history of a crime, if the investigator is really good, if the law will proceed the case and really wants to prove who is the real suspect and victim, it would be open. However, I am not good at this, so I cannot explain further. If you ask me if a woman,accusing a man of raping her, after 30 years she spoke up, regardless if it is true or not, I will be in big doubt. Why? Why are you telling just now? Why are you speaking now that it has been 30 years. Does your reputation before doesn't matter? Does it not affect your decision in life? Did you live normally for 30 years and after 30 years your life sucks, you remember the man who rape you and starts to accuse him? I will be in big doubt. If the accusation is false and proven by the law she could be in penalty or in jail.
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Yes. The Woman should go to Jail, when falsely accuses the man. That's not correct action. Our law delays almost all cases for 10 to 20 years to give a justice. Gender is not a matter. Everyone should be punished for the crime they did. 
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Yes. Woman should go to jail. Everyone who does the crime should not be left. If they are left without putting into the jail for their crime,t will be satisfied that nobody would put them into the jail after the crime.
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The law is no respecter of persons or gender, so if a woman commits crime then she would be liable to go jail. Today in some jails there are sections for women and even when some of them are pregnant which naturally consideration should be given such rights are denied. 
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If there is no enough evidence, then women cannot falsely accused men. If there is some evidence that can be proven like DNA testing and the like, then it can be laid down on the table and can convict the rapist even if happened 30 years ago.
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Yes, crimes can be committed by anyone and so the punishment. Whatever that a man do bad that can also be done by a woman is still the same crime.
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