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What do you think about women that their biological clock is ticking very fast. Is it right to birth a child without getting married. 

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No, it is not right for a woman to get pregnancy outside Wedlock it is not advisable and immoral.
The major religions across the world today fawn at child out side wedlock,  it is very important for a every woman to be fully aware that age is never their friend so they are supposed plan their life the moment they knows what it takes to be married and get someone reasonable to get married and give birth legally and according to the lay down rules by the almighty God.
It is very rare for you to see children outside Wed lock to be very responsible because majority of them don't have the fatherly disciplined as you know that raising a child is a collective responsibility of both parents because each of them have different roles to play in the life of the child.
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It isn't right to birth a child without getting married first. Morally, religiously and what have you, it is really wrong and no circumstance makes it right in any way. You can only try to justify it by saying that people actually exercise their free will in situations like this. After all, who are we to judge them?

It is amazing how science has evolved. Some women will take the route of artificial insemination when they feel like time is no longer on their side. They feel like that way, they wouldn't have to be chastised. I am not sure what religion and morals have to say about that.

Some other people think that given the circumstances, adoption can be a good option. You'll be able to give another life joy and hope once again.
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Today is different than before. When your parents settled down and had a family it was more frowned upon to just live together than it was to get married. However, this has all changed and many women today have children and stay single and raise them on their own. If you are a single woman and want to start a family and have a child it is a good idea to wait until you are around 28 years old before doing this. I feel by this time you are ready to settle down and raise a child on your own. 

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