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Some women have this feeling of vomiting when they are pregnant especially once they eat and during their morning sickness.

Some people don't actually feel this way.

Do you vomit often when you are newly pregnant? 

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I remember when i get first pregnant way back 2015. I didn't realize back then that I am pregnant. What I have experienced was extremely hungriness, and I am looking for specific food that I couldn't find anywhere. And then I remember I bought a pack of salmon Sushi and eaten it. And afterward, I vomited. It wasn't a nice pregnancy for me. I wake in the morning and straight to the bathroom. I always feel hungry most of the time and I always have something to eat. And I was working part-time at that moment. So,I am being be careful what to eat before I go to work. Every time I eat a banana I feel good, that's why I always have them around. Lucky I only vomit if I have eaten something that's is too greasy or no taste at all. My advice, eat a banana.
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I never get pregnant. I haven't experienced that. Vomiting is a reaction of your body because there are changes that is happening to you. From what I observe from my sister and some friends, they are not vomiting. I think there is one out of 10. It is more of a dizziness than vomiting. Some of them are or most of them are become very hungry. They love eating food everyday. They are easy to get hungry as well. When you are always hungry that is the time you need to watch out the food that you are eating because it can lead to vomiting. Maybe they are being careful with the food they are eating that is why they didn't experienced it. They more experience getting more emotional and sensitive in life when they are pregnant. One should be very careful when they are pregnant.
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I am a male so that I can't pregnant but I have live with people ,interact with them generally about pregnancy.
It is a fact large number of women vomit frequently during pregnancy stage especially the first timers . The first timers vomit more before  their system experience new change in their  system operation operation,  this occurs majorly in their first trimester stage of pregnancy where the hormones are very sensitive and responsive to smells that easily irritate there by resulting to vomit.
Vomit is usually a first sign or symptoms of pregnancy from  most women that are first timer that I have interacted with or listen to on TV programs related to pregnancy. When the system get use to the pregnancy then gradually the vomit reduces.
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Though I'm not a woman or lady as the case might be. But I've seen a lot lot of pregnant women and equally heard some testimony from them. Some will say; the first symptoms she observed when she conceive is weakness aand slight sickness, then followed by vomiting. While some will say they don't even notice anything till the stomach start growing big.
One thing is certain, vomiting is very common or the most commonest symptom of pregnancy aamong women. Its so common that every lady gowill be asked to go fofor a test once she start vomiting.

This made me to venture into major cause of the vomiting; then I got to understand tthat at that moment, the body become weak and enough irritation set in or in some ladies sense of intimacy gets higher. Though, elderly people will have noticed whitening of of the feet and palms.
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Not everyone gets morning sickness when they are pregnant. I had my daughter and was never sick a day during my pregnancy. Then, on the other hand, I had a friend who was sick every single day and it was so hard on her. I think this all depends on you and your body and how it reacts when you are pregnant. There are many people like me who never get sick then there are others who are sick for a few months or the entire pregnancy. 

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