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Yes,it no scam site,just get to payout and request for payment and it done.I was just paid.


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I am glad to see your payment proof. It is great to know that the site is not a scam. 
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Yea,the site is really legit.i just got my second payment without hassle too.So it's a trusted site.
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I have seen a lot of payments proof to know that answeree is not a scam site. 
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That's good someone got paid here. But I don't want to have a hope since I experience in the other site that I gotpaid at first then second time I don't get paid with hard earnings. But I am positive here.

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wow! I must say I am blown away. Although I was not really that skeptical about the realness of the site due to the way things are done here like the prompt responses to questions by the answeree admin staffs to one's private messages, how the various writers on the site are very much enthusiastic about what they know how to do best, but still there was this minute doubt in me if answeree is a scam or not. I guess this was as a result of past experiences I had with similar sites like this.

As they say seeing is believing. With this prove you just showed to all the registered members on the community, my fears has been completely be allayed. Honestly, apart from the monetary rewards the site offer, I have come to love everything about it. The knowledge I have acquired here within the shortest time of been here can't be traded for anything else. I feel so elated to be among this great minds that are here.
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Yea,I'm sure you were paid by now going by the number of points you have already.Yes the site is legit.
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I'm still new to answeree but from all that I can see so far, it's all legit and no scam.

I'm looking forward to getting my first withdrawal from the site. 
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Funny enough, I haven't requested for payout. I just want to have everything withdrawn once, before December 22. 
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This is definitely not a scam site. I have also recently been paid but even before that I knew that the site was genuine. It took me roughly two and a half months to get there and although I was originally unsettled with some of the rule changes I can now see why they were implemented and I am happy with them.

I am now looking forward to seeing what Answeree have in store for us in the New Year  (Jan 2019)  as it sounds as if there are some big changes ahead which we don't know about yet. They will hopefully improve the quality of the questions and answers and reduce spam posts. I think one of the biggest problems for any site is controlling the amount of spam that people post just to earn a few pennies. I think we should all  concentrate less on speed of earning and more on adding valuable posts to the site.
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Yes,it will be good to add content to the site as well even as we try to speed will be for the benefit of every one.
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One of the easiest ways to getting more points on answeree to enhance your time frame of getting paid is by adding more answers than replies.
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Answeree is a lot of things but definitely not a scam site.

I don't know what your explanation of scam is, as for me, scam sites are platforms who seduce unsuspecting individuals with genuine like activities under a false promise of helping them earn while they work. If we were to go by this explanation, then answeree scores high in the opposite sense. There's more than enough proof which shows that answeree lives up to all our expectations and the promise made while registering on the platform.

I got introduced to answeree through my sister who has cashed out before, and this was done right before my eyes. Their payment is probably one of the quickest I've across in all writing platforms. It took maybe like 15mins to hit her paypal account. I guess at this point, you've gotten your answer.
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Slow down it seem you didn't really get the point but all the same it good you found it out yourself so I didn't need to explain anything.Thanks all the same.
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It's was someone's recommendation on another site that I used to post on was how I got to know about answeree and so far I'm having fun on the site and soon, I'm going to cash out. 
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When I was new here, the admin or the owner of the site loves to change the rules from time to time. Maybe he or she observed that there are people that are taking advantage of the site and spamming it. From the owner/admin and being active on the site, I can attest that the site is no scam. When I was new here, I already learned that there are specific members that are active and got paid already. I really want to share about the site that is why I worked hard and meet the minimum. You know what, it is not really hard. The payment process was fast. i was paid I guess within an hour. Since then I get inspired to work on the site even though it changes the rules. Before it has 5 limit answer to question and they change it again to 7. This site really helped me and I want to support it.

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