When a girl rejects you, what can you do to make her like you eventually?
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Making someone like you who has previously rejected you can be difficult and there is no guaranteed way to do it. However, there are some things you can try to increase the chances of changing their mind:

  1. Show maturity and respect for their decision: It is important to accept their rejection and move on. Showing maturity and respect for their decision can demonstrate that you are someone who is capable of handling rejection and can be attractive to others.
  2. Improve yourself: Take the time to work on yourself, focus on your personal growth and self-improvement. This can include things like building your confidence, developing new skills, and working on physical fitness.
  3. Give them space: Give the person space and time to reflect on their feelings. By giving them space, they may start to realize they miss you and want to reconnect.
  4. Reconnect in a friendly way: When you do reconnect, make sure it's in a friendly way and don't immediately try to rekindle a romantic relationship. Show genuine interest in their life, and be a good listener.
  5. Be Honest: If you have feelings for her, be honest about it, and let her know, but do not pressure her into changing her mind.

It's important to remember that people's feelings can change over time, but it's also important to be realistic about the situation and understand that there is no guarantee that the person will come to like you. If that happens, it's best to move on and focus on finding someone who will appreciate and reciprocate your feelings.

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That's wonderful! It seems you are an expert in relationship talks. Nice one! They are good tips.
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To make a girl who rejected you like you again, try improving yourself, respecting her decision, giving her space, being a good listener and friend, and being honest about your feelings. Remember that you cannot force someone to like you and it's important to respect her decision and move on if she is not interested.
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You are right! We cannot force them. We should learn to respect their decisions.
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Give the person space and respect their feelings. Be patient, don't pressure them and focus on building a genuine connection through friendship. Work on self-improvement, it will make you more attractive and open new opportunities to connect with others. 
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It is not possible to force someone to like you. The best approach is to focus on building a friendship and getting to know the person better. Show genuine interest in their life and hobbies, and be kind and respectful. Be patient and don't rush into anything. If the person comes to realize they like you, it will be because they have developed feelings for you on their own, not because you tried to force it. It's also important to remember that rejection is not a reflection of your worth as a person, and it's okay to move on if the other person doesn't feel the same way.
Thanks a lot! It is a wonderful contribution! I will try to build friendship.
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First, it is important to respect her decision and give her space. Don't try to pressure her into changing her mind. Instead, focus on being patient and showing her that you are a kind, thoughtful, and respectful person. Show your interest in her and try to get to know her better. If she sees that you are worth her time, she may start to change her opinion of you.

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Beautiful opinion coming from you. Thanks a lot for the wonderful one. It's highly appreciated.
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There is a reason why you are rejected.

Be courteous enough to ask the reason of the rejection.

You might be contemplating that maybe there is something wrong with you when in fact it is just a matter of choice.
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If a girl that you are really sure you love rejects you, just don't give up on her yet, maybe she is playing hard to get or she simply wants to know you more, but make sure you are always there when she needs someone
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Ok. Thanks a lot for your wonderful opinion. I am very grateful.
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Try to find out why she rejected you in the first place,if it is because of your character,try to make adjustment,but if she rejected you because of your inability to provide her financial needs,pls leave her,she might be a gold digger.
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