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I was brought up in a military home, by an army dad and the best mother anyone could ever wish for. My dad was a really good soldier, one of the best amongst his coursemates. So you can say we lived a certain privileged life affording us anything possible. Despite all that, it was really tough. We lived in constant fear, the type of feeling everyone who has loved ones in the military experiences. In the year of 1993, our fears was taking to an even more worrisome level. 

The Liberian 20+ years civil war had reached it's climax during the first years of the 90s. In April of 1993, some 7 days after one of my sisters was born, my dad was once again called upon to serve his nation. This was on that same 7th day which was my sister's naming ceremony (a celebrated event to give a name and mark the coming of a new child). He left before the end of the ceremony and didn't even say a proper goodbye. 

Time became very slow. Days, weeks and months went by without a word from my dad. We would occasionally get signals and informations on how certain companies were ambushed and displaced by rebels killing an alarming number of soldiers. Neighbors will someimes get visited by commanding officers information families on the passing of their loved ones. Other times we would see the arrival of fallen heroes in coffins and other soldiers amputated by explosives during intense battles. Situations like this always frightned us. At some point, we learnt our dad was missing in action. It felt like the whole world had crushed down on us. 

Exactly 3 years after he was deployed, a rather unfamiliar looking vehicle parked by the drive way. I can remember my sister, now 3years old, clinching onto my hands and pointing out, asking who that man was. I tried holding back my tears but I couldn't. His your father I replied. 

That was perhaps one of the happiest day of my life, a memory I'll cherish for the rest of time. 

What was the happiest day of your life? 


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Spending time with love one is most memorable one because there is laughter and happiness that no one could replace it.

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Sincerely, I have so many memorable days of my life that if asked to pinpoint the exact one, it would be pretty hard to do so. Notwithstanding, I would pick the most significant one among them all. I am doing so because it has connection with the saving of my life.

I could remember very well when I was still in the street trying to get back to my feet. I found myself at a designated part of the city where young guys usually hangout under the bridge, and right there there was a river at the back of bridge. And most times guys do defecate openly in the waters of the river.
Unfortunately, on that fateful day, I was seriously pressed, and I also wanted do as I have seen others doing. I climbed an abandoned boat that was on top of the water to defecate, before I knew what was happening someone on top of bridge the started throwing big stones at me. In an attempt trying to dodge  the stones, the boat I was on tumbled. It was by the grace of God I escaped death by drowning. Sadly, I don't know how to swim. I held on to the boat as it was tumbling, and as it was balancing itself, I jumped back into it.

From that day up to this moment, I am left in awe of how I managed to survive. And I find that day one of the most unforgetable and memorable day of my life.
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Such an interesting story. I couldn't help but to laugh as I tried to picture the entire scene. Glad to know you weren't hurt in anyway though. 
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The memory that I will keep from my father is my best memory. When I was young, he was my number one fan. He trained me to sing. He is a good singer and I don't know how to sing. He said that I have a talent in singing that needs a little sharpening, so he did it. He trained me seriously, until I can sing better than, which is according to him. In his eyes, I am the best singer, though I know I am not. He loves to watch me whenever I perform at school. I love how he looks at me and he has tears in my eyes. He said, he dream to have a kid that loves to sing and talent in singing just like him. He saw that to me. Now that he is no longer with us, because he passed away, that memories lingers to me every night. How I wish he is still here with us. I really love him and I miss him everyday.
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My father gave me the best  memories and many a times I always wish time could reverse itself so that we can go back to where we were initially. My dad was that kind of a person who was ever caring and anything we needed would struggle no matter how hard to the extent of sacrificing much just for our sake.

Anyway nothing will ever last forever. There's this day he came home said that he's been transfered toanother county to work there. The place he was transfered was very insecure and he feared his life hence went ahead and requested for early retirement. Since then, life changed so much after dad deciding to move to the countryside to start some businesses. Actually the bye that I gave him while he was going was the last time i saw him. Since then haven't heard anything from him. What followed next was divorce  between him and my mom. 16 years without seeing my dad is such a long time but maybe that's how God planned things.
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Sorry to hear about your dad and the seperating issue with your mum. Am sure it wasn't easy to cope with. Sometimes life just has a way of tuning things exactly how nature wants it to play out. I only wish it could be in our favor all the time. 
That is so sad. Living without your dad for all those years be so hard. It is good you have good memories about him that can make you smile even if you don't see him. 
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A really touching story. My parents have both gone now and I don't have such a moving story to tell but my fondest memories are those of being safe and loved at home with my parents, family holidays, happy times playing with my friends, times that are etched on my memory forever. The strange thing is, although I remember my childhood as being happy, I later learned my parents were not happily married. I remember the odd row but they must have kept it well hidden from my sister and I as I always felt secure.

They divorced when I was 24 and by this time I was old enough to know that things were bad between them. My dad met someone else and I moved out of the family home with my mother but even though those times must have been hard for my parents it still hasn't spoiled those childhood memories for me so I thank them for that.
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You drive me down memory lane. I think my life is filled with many memories with loved ones.

I used to stay with my first and second born daughters. One was 9 and the other 6. We used to buy enough meat. After frying the meat we used to eat it directly from the pot. It was a wonderful experience. Their mother was working elsewhere.
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