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Is it the food or something that has made ADHD common in kids? please share your knowledge!

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Not at all, kids are just naturally less focused and more active. I think this is just another tag that the "modernity" has brought on the kids.

Why would a child be focused on a book when he or she can focus on games, toys, conversations. This condition has always been there, but the only difference is that it has now received a tag.
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Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder(ADHD)  cause in children cannot be traced to a particular root problem. And the general thought of as the cause of it such as excessive consumption of sugar and over indulgence in television watching can not be blamed for it cause either. But there are certain scientically backed proves of the cause of ADHD in children, and they are:

1) low birth weight of baby, or premature birth of baby, as well as difficulty experienced during pregnancy could predispose a child to ADHD.

2)brain injuries; any damage to a child frontal brain that is in charge of controlling impulses and emotion maybe another cause of it.

3)mothers that use tobacco and alcohol during pregnancy put the child at risk for ADHD. Other causes related to this are lead, PCB, and pesticides.

Lastly, toxins may also interfere with brain development, that could lead to impulsive behaviour, trouble paying attention, and hyperactivity.

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