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I have to admit that i am a sensitive type of a person but there are those that are strongly sensitive like when you started to make a mistakes to them, they will get angry and never talk to you anymore. I have a work mate that has that kind of attitude. I wonder why she is sensitive at his age. I think she is 50 years old already or lesser than that. She feel bad even on petty things and will not talk to you anymore, even handing over a paper to her she will starts to get angry and will never talk to you. How do you handle this?
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I quite don't understand why people say they are sensitive. I guess all of us are sensitive. We all cry when we are hurt, we all fee sad when something terrible happens. Aren't we all sensitive?
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My say on sensitivities are those who are reacting madly about the things that could never be a reason why they get mad. Like we can't understand them anymore where it is coming from.
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Try not to be close when they are so sensitive, sometimes it is better to move away yourself from these type of people.
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I have to agree. I already avoided that sensitive person I was talking about and I get a calming environment, I am glad we are in different department now and her office is different to mine. 
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Maybe she is on her menopausal period or she is undergoing something bad. Just try to understand her.

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If she gets mad even though you haven't done anything that might have hurt or offended her, I won't say that she is sensitive. Rather, she either has anger management issues or she just dislikes her co-employees. However, I don't think that she's being professional with handling these issues because clearly she is overtly showing her disdain. Most co-workers won't do that, as this will jeopardize not only your career but also hers.

I do think that you will always come across a co-worker who may dislike you for whatever reason. You can't please other people. And if I am in that situation, I will strive to be sensitive enough towards my co-workers, remain friendly, and communicate openly. I may try to talk to her about this because I am a firm believer that talking things over will help shed light on how to deal with the problem, or identify the problem per se. I might not be aware that I might've done something she took personally that's why she's acting all that. Or perhaps, she has a lot of worries that makes her burst with anger all the time. Perhaps, we can also agree to be civil with each other. Who know's from merely being civil, we can actually start to get along. However, if she's not open to these ideas, then I will just do my best to not let her attitude affect my performance.

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I am dealing with sensitive people and I am a sensitive too that is why I really know how it feels so what I do is to respect them but they are totally making me uncomfortable right now. Still I would love to adjust for them just to have work balance and harmony.
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She doesn't sound that sensitive to me, she sounds as if shes has other issues like a problem with criticism or maybe anger.. None of us like to think we are doing something wrong but if the criticism is constructive we should learn to suck it up and take the advice from someone who is trying to help. I would say she probably has something going on outside her work life that is making her unhappy.

I think we've all met someone like this. I used to work with a woman who was so horrid  to the rest of us that she had to be transferred to another department because of the complaints about her. It turned out that she had just discovered she couldn't have children so she had a grudge against anyone who could. She and her husband eventually adopted a boy and she is the happiest and most agreeable person I know now.
Perhaps this woman has something she is really upset about and is bringing her problems to work with her.  Maybe coaxing her to talk about her life might reveal something although I realise it would be hard if she is so disagreeable and she wants to keep it to herself.
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Thanks for sharing that, actually I don't have an idea of what is going on with her because sometimes she is cheerful and sometimes she has tantrums. I felt tired talking to her so I let her like that, that is why I don't have any idea what she is going through.
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She sounds like someone who gets so upset on the slightest things. It can be hard dealing with such people especially when you have to face them all the time. You are not sure what to say or do around them that may tick them off. Sometimes they are going through some things in their personal life that tends to cloud their personality and things irritate them.
You can be bold and try to approach her in the softest of manners. You may find that she's really not mean like that. Perhaps there's something others do that she can't stand and she feels that's how to put people off.
I'd say you also do a personal check and be sure you aren't the cause of the problem. You can also try to be civil with her all the time. This will reduce the possibility of any trigger.
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I tried to do it, but I felt tired already because I tried before and she has tantrums. I understand and totally respect what is going on with her, but sometimes dealing with her is a pain in the butt because you need to finish a job and she doesn't answer because she just don't like it. I really wish I have the courage to talk to the hr about the discomfort she is giving everyone.
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Sensitive people are almost like temperamental people and they must be handled with care. I have one as a sister so I can vividly understand your post.It so bad that every little thing gets to them even things that doesn't just add up but funny thing is that they can be so annoying too.

I don't like walking on eggshells because of anyone so I totally ignore them because it can be overwhelming if one tries to indulge them.By doing this it might help them snapped out of whatever it is and also put their tantrums in check. So I totally ignore and avoid if possible.

But on the another hand if one can,then patience will be needed, they need people to be patient and understanding with them and as such they only way to show this is by showing how sorry one is even if it doesn't warrant it and it will help them feel better.
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Yes, I tried to ignore them too but there are sensitive people that will really force you to give them some attention about their tantrums. I am a friendly one so I will my best to be okay with them but sometimes they are pain in the butt.
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That's too much I bet. I have seen people who are sensitive on other things but not like the situation of that person you mentioned above. I think its their nature to be angry always and they cannot change it no matter what. I have also seen some people who are like that, you might talk to them in a smooth way but they come rough on you and you fail to understand what or how to respond. I think the only way out to deal with such people is just understanding them.

Also, parents have a role to play in this. I remember I was very temperamental and the only person who helped me was my mother. Most of the times she could tell me the effects of short tempers and advised me what to do when I lose tempers. The same way parents should advise their kids against anger.
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I do understand them, but sometimes some of them has become selfish and not thinking of how you feel about what they had done. You will always adjust to them because you are open-minded. 
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The issue of sensitivity varies from one person to another. Apparently, we have people that are extremely sensitive to offence, and this could make them to be highly irritable. While on the other hand, there are those theirs are not too that serious. And interestingly, the level of one's sensitivity is directly proportional to the degree of how they react to offence. Sadly, for some of those their sensitivity is extreme, they find it very hard to get over hurts. And I guess that's the category your colleague at work falls.

The honest truth is, I am a very sensitive type of person. Little things usually get to me if they are things that show no respect for my feelings. Most times, I feel easily irritated when someone close to me is forming to be too busy for me. I see it as if they are perceiving me as a burden to them, and this could make me to withdraw completely from them and if care is not taken, they might never get to hear from me again, maybe until they try to reach out to me. But my kind of sensitivity is the type that easily let go of hurt. I forgive very easily without keeping grudges or malice.

Basically, most people that are sensitive like me get easily offended, because they like to treat others the way they would like to be treated. And if they feel you are not doing so, they would rather become resentful of you or they would simply work away.

But for those that their sensitivity is all about getting angry easily and keeping malice unnecessarily, I think they are not wise because they are only destroying their relationship, which could deprive them of the benefits it offers. They are only burning bridges through their insensitive actions.
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Most of the sensitive people in the office are too selfish they will not listen to you, they always want something from their advantage. Also, they are the gossiper which creates some stories that make other people look bad at you when you will not be attentive on how you feel. I am sensitive too but I am not like that. I will just be silent when I feel bad about some actions but I do not let them know it, I will just keep it to myself.
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That's just the perfect thing to do especially if you find yourself in such environment where you have gossipers of all kinds. Are they really that sensitive types? Or they are just bunch of misguided elements? Because looking at sensitivity, it doesn't mean one should be irrational with his/her behavior. It all about being ultra reactive to actions which others might not react to that way if they were in his/her shoes. Not to the point of trying to dent your fellow man's image as it is with the example you cited about your colleagues at work.
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I think 'Sensitive' is just their term of their attitude so that people will be willingly understand what they are doing to them or people will be very willing to adjust from their attitude. I really hate gossiper so I avoid them.

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