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What are some of the recommended ways to deal with insomnia? please share what you know works!
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You have to do a regular routine in order for you to sleep back on track. Make a schedule what time you go sleep and what time you wake up.

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There are few tips that can drastically improve your sleeping situation! ( I say from experience)

* Sat you go to bed around 10 pm. Do not drink any more coffee/ coke or anything with caffeine starting at 7 p.m

* Drink natural teas and make use of different fruits that have proven to be good for this matter, such as passion fruit! It is amazing! You can open a passion fruit, pour its contents on a cup, add some water + sugar and drink!

* Turn off your phone, it is sleep time

* Fix your room so it is clean, get rid of lights, noises and anything that might disturb you from falling asleep
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Stop taking long naps if you're fond of that.A 20 minutes nap is okay and its recommended you take it immediately after taking lunch if possible. Taking a nap in the late evening might affect you when it comes to sleeping.

Do not go to bed with an empty stomach. Ensure you eat something even if it's light. This is because the brain need energy to facilitate the sleeping process, when you go to bed without eating it means there's no energy supplied to the brain.

Finally, after you're done eating you can go to bed and continue watching some movie or playing video games.This will keep you in a conducive environment for sleeping and it will come automatically and you'll find yourself tired and you'll finally sleep.
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This is a very serious condition and very dangerous to lives. I think the best ways to deal with this is to have a guider that directs the person on the way to do things and also always to be around the person. Places  like swimming pool can be very dangerous for the people having insomnia to use. They may end up drowning in water.
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I'm a really poor sleeper. I usually manage to drop off to sleep but I have a problem staying asleep. I will wake up after two or three hours.

The worst thing is to just lie there hoping sleep will come, it never works for me. I usually get up and make a warm drink and then try and stay awake long enough to drink it! I instinctively find my eyelids dropping before I reach the bottom of the cup!

I also have a really bad habit of falling asleep during the day which interferes with my night time sleep pattern.  When you're really tired from lack of sleep it's so tempting to do this but try not to as the cycle just repeats itself and you won't sleep again at night.
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Insomnia is really a problem. Here are a few recommended ways to deal with insomnia. Start a regular time for sleeping. Go to bed and get up at the fixed time every day. Keep your bed room well ventilated, and dark with a pleasant temperature. Also, keep the bed you sleep in a neat and good condition.

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I saw in a movie where the main character had insomnia. So he used to write everything in his body to keep him remember. He used to write his name, his missions and the plans for the day. So even if he would forget he won't fail to look around his body obviously he'll see writings and get curious to find out what they are and in the process he'll see all his daily plans. That's one way of handling it.
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I had an insomia when my sleeping patterns became different from one another. I also have anxiety or over thinks so when it is needed to fall asleep, my minds starts to wander and boom, I lost a sleep. I was working at night for  year, and because of that, it is hard to sleep. My cure was this. I gather all of the support system to help me sleep. When my shift changes, i started to try sleeping before 10 in the evening. I do not take a nap or sleep during daytime. I drink milk or warm milk before sleeping. I turned off my wifi for  me not to influence to check something online. I even drink anti oxidant supplements to help me sleep deeper. I even use eye mask or sometimes I turned off the lights so that it will give a perfect night mode that puts me to sleep.

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