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Whether it is stiff elbows or stiffness of any part of our body while working on a computer, it is all our making. As a matter of fact, you should not spend excess time on a computer. Even if you are compelled to work continuously on a computer, you should take a break every now and then or once in a while or say you should take a break after every one hour of work on computer.

Another thing is that whatever we do on computer, everything should be in moderation. By taking break of five or ten minutes at intervals of  every one hour or so, you can just stretch your body, go and take some tea. This way you can breath some fresh air, refresh yourself and then return to work. This is what I do.
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If you are working in the internet excessively, it is not bad only to the different parts of your body, or in your muscles, but also to your eyes and brains. Any excess is a disadvantage. If you think you are using the internet for long, as it is part of your job, might as well you have a water with you to drink for every hour so you have a reason to stand from your chair to pee. You need to bring out the toxins in your body by being and of course by drinking water. Also, staying in sitting position will only lead to muscle pain so you must be always standing as well for a little stretch or movements in your muscle. Also, when you are sitting, make sure to put a habit of having a right sitting position. You should not be slappy. You should be sitting straight at your back and your arms should level your keyboard.
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I experiencing the same, and its really painful in a long run. Try to avoid or excessive spending time on your computer. You can sit for 30 minutes and allow yourself to stand up and do something else before you go back again on your computer. Sometimes we are tempted to stay longeron computer the reason why we experience the stiff elbow even in the back of your neck. Stretching your arms may help to avoid the stiff for prolong usage in front of the computer. You have to sit straight not bending your back causing more pain at your back. Make sure your backbone is posture is straight, and try to change your sitting position every 15 minutes. Just like looking in your left side or vise versa, to avoid muscle pain. Remember, too much is not good.
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