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I don't know any other meaning of that phrase. I only know that it means that something did not happen as it was intended to happen. 

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I think this should have just a meaning which I believe from my personal understanding. Should have been literally means what would have been in place but isn't and this might come with many scenarios and examples.

Like if one needed to have a building project and some other money demanding projects maybe like paying kids fees come up and one can't start up the building project on time or shift it to later date then building project can be said to be what should have been but was thwarted by other demands that needed an urgent attention.

Same with deviating our attention from our life's goals and pursuing unprofitable things and at the end we gain nothing. What should have been a success of our life have be thwarted for what we never made a success of.
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First of all, we need to understand that conditional statement should have been express an idea that is not real. For some reason or another, it did not happen.

When we use the phrase should have, it implies, in a stronger sense, that something is SUPPOSED to happen but didn't. It mostly takes the form of an obligation. For example: We should have been more careful. You should have been upfront about your intentions.

In the case of the statement "I am so biased to what we should have been". The confusion lies on the usage of the conditional phrase because the statement implies a possibility. Hence, I think the more appropriate conditional phrase to use would be "could have been". When using this phrase, it implies that you have the CAPABILITY of doing something in the past or that something could have possibly happened had the conditions been met.

If you can provide the context of this statement, then we may be able to better analyze what the writer is trying to imply.

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