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Let's look at availability of tech employers and tech jobs, plus salaries and benefits of the said job. I believe these are the two most important factors to be considered before drawing any parallel. 

The supposed center for high technology, social media and innovation "Silicon Valley" takes the lead on the list of best cities for technology based jobs. For those unfamiliar with the name, Silicon Valley is a region in southern Sanfrancisco Bay area of Northern Carolina.

Silicon Valley houses the major offices of some of the world's most successful tech companies like Google, Apple and Netflix. There's morethan 65% chances of finding corporate offices of almost any big tech company that comes to mind. It's no wonder Silicon Valley is called the goldrush of tech as thousands of tech workers flock in yearly.

From my research, tech jobs in Silicon Valley is put at 135/1000 (employees per available jobs) and starts with an average pay of $120k annually. This is considerably high compared to other tech jobs in other cities and states. Take Texas, which ranks low in best cities for tech jobs for instance. Texas is statistically put at 52 employees per 1000 jobs with an average pay of $80k annually. 

Judging from these numbers, it's only fair Silicon Valley takes the lead. Other cities which rank close to Silicon Valley on tech jobs are Seattle Tacoma - Bellevue, Washington and California - Lexington park, Maryland. 

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There are so many cities now with good tech jobs available for job seekers but one just have to look at other features of the city not just the pay before settling for one.

We have the following cities with its pay in no particular order:
Thousand Oaks,CA,median pay $105,000

Phoenix,AZ ,median pay,$96,800

Albany, NY, median pay $87,000

Kansas city,MO, median pay $89,500

Salt lake city,UT median pay $97,800

San Fransisco,CA median pay $110,000

Working in cities like this especially in high tech companies needs one with certain skills.So if one have the needed skills in mobile development,machine learning,SEO/SEM marketing,data visualization,data engineering,UI/UX design,network and information security,Amazon web services then one is sure of getting a good paying job from high tech companies in those cites.

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