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It's not uncommon for men or women to be awkward around the opposite sex especially when they are young but I think confidence grows as people get older and become more comfortable in their own skin. They soon realise that they are just people like the rest of us and we can talk to them as we would a member of the same sex. When I was young I would freeze if a boy talked to me but I gradually got over it and can talk to anyone now.

I would ask him about his family, school/work, hobbies, pets etc. Don't give up on him if he responds with short answers as I'm sure with time he will realise that you are trying to get to know him and be his friend. Pay him a few compliments so that he starts to feel good about himself and I'm sure that he will eventually come out of his shell.  I think we all feel awkward at times but being surrounded by people who like us and make a real effort to know us really does help.
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If you're referring to a guy that can't naturally socialize with girls then I will say that he is not alone and this happens to a lot of guys especially guys in their early 20s.it always about building one's self esteem and mingling with people first to get used to it before having a go at the opposite gender.

Sometimes it about our mindset,it always good to change that, girls are very friendly beings from my observation and if they realize one means no harm they feel relaxed.So one should take  the bold step speak up and speak with any girl or girls one fancy get to know them better and treat them right.

Don't be taken advantage of though,just be nice and caring but in a firm way that way you are mingling properly and not be used in any way.
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I have seen those kind of people and I really hate that kind of behavior. Also, there are those kind of men who will never spend time with their fellow men and most of the times they're always hanging around with ladies, watching soap operas and doing other feminine stuff. I usually call those kind of men 'women'.

In as much as men need to be social with ladies, they need to limit their time and have boundaries. There are some things you can't do as a man, watching soap operas for instance. Also, men need to spend quite some time with their fellow men in order to learn some new things. You'll learn how to handle yourself as a man, how to start a conversation with a lady and how to live like a man. The more these kind of men spend time with females they will adapt to live like ladies and not like men.
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It is not strange for some guys to be socially awkward around the opposite sex. It's of often seen as anti-social trait, and it's mostly exhibited by the introverts. They are so shy to the point they find it difficult to strike a healthy and harmless conversation with the female folks.
Honestly, I don't really know where to categorize them. Whether they are suffering from inferiority complex or it is just mere timidity. But which ever it is, it's not healthy for their wellbeing.

On a more serious note, such a guy would have to be deliberate about raising their mojo when they are around females. This can be achieved by remembering the inherent manly ability deposited in them by their Maker. Men are know for their boldness, confidence and fearlessness. These peculiar qualities make them to be audacious in facing any challenge that threaten their existence.
Let's such a guy apply these mentality, and being socially awkward around female folks would be a thing of the past.
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I really know that there are guys who are very shy around girls and I can observe that it is really difficult for them to socialize with them and even to other people. Like me, I am shy with strangers and I am too shy with other guys too. Because of that, I choose the people I would like to meet and I am very thankful if a certain person will initiate to introduce themselves to me. i just hope those shy people like me will become observant. You need to look on people. If they are approachable, friendly and out going, just watch their action and find the right timing to introduce yourself to them. Sometimes they are just waiting for you to talk to them. Some, who are not really smiling to people, I separate myself to them because i find them snob. I will just wait for them to initiate. Sometimes you need to learn to read people first.
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There is always a process to take when you are in this type of situation and one of them is to understand that those ladies are not going to swallow you no matter much you make the mistakes when around them. There is this thing that I know in life and that is the fact that everyone is beautiful in their own ways and once such a guy can find a way to balance the way that he looks at things that make him less attractive and start focusing on things that make him attractive, the better that it is going to be for him.

For instance, I used to feel unease when around women, but the moment that I came to realize that as long as I know that she can't beat me even when I say things that she does not like was the time that I began loving my life. Men should understand that there is nothing to fear about women no matter beautiful and tall that she is.
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Some people are naturally shy when it comes to relating with their opposite sex. Some people say that it's psychologically related but I strongly doubt that because I see it as a matter of being man enough to speak up and express yourself to any woman whom you feel is your taste and liking. I have known a lot of men who still suffers this personal flaw in their personality and it's such a big shame looking at my fellow man when they crawl back into their shells simply because they can't speak with confidence in the face of the women that they are in love with. There are so many men today who got married to those whom they never loved but simply because these women were bold to speak to them first and they have no option but to go with them instead of murdering themselves trying to speak to another woman.
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I don't think this only applies to guys, am sure there are women who also have the same problem. Anyway these kinds of men who feel out of place when they are in the midst of women, i would say are probably guys who have been brought up by their fathers mostly., or men who have grown up in families without sisters. Parents impact their children in so many ways when they grow up, and when the children miss the presence of both or one parent, there is the miss in their lives when they grow up. so men will feel awkward around women because they don't know how to react towards them. Women are soft beings and when a man has not been taught that soft side he will probably end being cold towards women. Such men need to sit with their mothers or aunties someone they feel close to, and can talk to without feeling embarassed, just open up to that person tell them your fears and they will guide you through the whole process. the women will go and extra mile and even tag you along when they go out, so that you can get comfortable. before you know it, you will be as confident as a lion.
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Normally men are supposed to be the ones to go for ladies. Ladies are preserved and at times play hard to get. A man will not know whether their advances will be accepted. They then become clumsy. Forgive and encourage them.
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