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Personally,I always have an equation for weight loss.Dont take in what you can't lose if you're prone to adding weight,Apparently not everyone add weight from food but most people do. So if you are among those that will add weight easily then you must watch your diet and eat minimally. When once our bodies consume more than what we can expend weight gain set in. So to lose weight easily consume less and expend more as simple as that.
You should eat more protein and fiber rich foods than starchy foods and carbohydrates.protein and fiber foods keep us full longer which will refrain us from consuming more calories from binge eating and help reduce cravings.

Exercise and try to be more active through out the day to expend energy through out the day too. This will help in quick weight loss.
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answered by LEGEND (6,007 points) 5 9 19
Since you want to lose weight as quickly as possible, the first thing you need to do is change your diet. Cut down on the excess and replace the unhealthy foods with the healthy stuff. The key is take out food with the extra calories and unhealthy fats, consume less calories than your burn.
You must also add a healthy dose of exercising to accelerate the process. There are very core exercises that target at certain important parts of the body. Although dieting alone can work without exercise, exercising does little or nothing without dieting. It would be like shedding the weight and adding it right back.
You can make a certain list of healthy food with low calories. Especially the ones termed negative calorie food. They are awesome for weight loss.
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For me loosing weight is not much difficult but its more hard to balance the equation. If you want to loose your weight its not like you have to go for fast or anything, loosing wight in short span of time usually increases the probability of side effects and that can harm much more than your weight. For the reason you should choose the healthy diet. Eat vegetables, and meat in a limit. Avoid fried stuff and restaurants.

A part from it you should use the remedies like drink a fresh lemon juice daily, it effects the bad fat of the body and a spoon of honey in water does the same thing.

Last thing before going to loose weight you should know the diet that is healthy and manages the calorie level, so you don't loose health instead of weight.
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answered by ELITE (3,008 points) 2 6 13
The rate Loosing weight sometimes vary from one body system to another due to our hormonal differences.
Generally to loose weight as fast possible can be achieved first by consulting an expert in the field of weight loss, these are the physicians and the nutritionist.  There are lots of food which you may have to abstain from for fast weight loss,  there herbal teas that you can also take at prescribe intervals which help in burning fats in your body.
The natural way to also loose weight as fast as possible is through constant exercises at regular intervals, you can engage in different types of exercises .It is important you ensure the nature of job you do permit you to walk around once in a while within your working hours.

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