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I do take alcoholic beverages but it's on rare occasions. There are some who drink on daily basis while some take on monthly basis but there are some people who never tasted alcoholic beverages for once in their lives. 
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yes i take alcohol, but its occationaly, sometimes when i celebrate my birthday or we celebrate birthday one of my friend.. Drinking alcohol has a advantages and disadvantages.
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No, because i did try to drink a beer when I was a teenager but it gives me upset stomach.
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I do not have such bad habits. By the way, what benefits do you get with it?
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You can get upset stomach, mood swing, and headache. Which is not a good thing to experience but still so many people still drinking alcohol.

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Yes, I used to back in the days, not anymore. I stopped drinking alcohol when I decided to quit the intake of anything intoxicating that is hazardous to my health. I was not only into drinking of alcohol beverages, but also smoking. And these habits where what I picked up at very tender age, precisely when I was a junior student. My friends and I were living a wide lifestyle, and we thought it was the best way to go, not knowing that there were more better ways to live our lives to the fullest.

I am not saying that alcohol drank in moderate amount is bad for one's health, but there is something about these things, once you've become addicted to them, it becomes impossible to say goodbye to them. And there's possibility of going from moderate intake of them to abuse of them. That's why it's not wise to be experiementing with them.

As for me, it was a miracle I was able to give them up. I realized that they were not only inimcal to my health, but also, they were also drain pipes to my hard earned money. Instead of me to go and use my money to buy something that would not add value to me, I would rather use it to get something that would nourish my body and make me look healthy and strong.
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I have stopped taking acoholic drinks since for almost 10 years now.i know I was trying to be influenced by friends you know the pressure to keep being in the midst of certain people but I realize it was just an illusion to trap me into long lasting stress I had to back off.

One thing about taking drinks one get addicted to it easily I can remember when it got to a point I will just crave for it daily and science have asserted that the body start getting used to a habit after 21 days and from then it might be a struggle to stop,so I had to be fast about dropping it after reading about acoholic addiction consequences. I didn't wait to be down with diabetes,kidney problem or other health problems associated with taking too much of acoholic drinks or even being a drunk.
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When it comes to taking alcoholic beverages, it's something that I'm very used to doing especially on weekends. I always hang out with my friends while we catch fun together drinking and having a lot of fun and gist. I seriously don't think that I would be able to stop taking alcoholic beverages because there is a way it makes me feel which nothing else in the world makes me feel like that.

When you meet a man that loves his drinks, he will make it very clear to you that his drinks makes him a happy man and he simply can't do without drinking whenever it's time for him to have a good drink. Personally, any sickness that would stop me from taking alcoholic beverages should better kill me finally because I don't see the need to live without having fun.
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NO, i have not taken alcohol before except it by mistke that i don tknow  it is alcohol, by virtue of my faith, taking alcohol is not permisible for any reason .

i stayed with people who were engage in taking alcohol almost every day of their lives, i studied them extensively and i discovered it was not adding any positive impact in thier lives rather a discomfort, waste of money and time. i was never influenceed by their activities and the fun they claim to derive from it, lots of people takes alcohol today as a result of peer pressure influence they experience when they were admitted to the university.

There are those who takes it and are able to control them selves while some takes it and looses their sensees till after a deep sleep before they regain their senses.I dont advise people to take it.
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While I am someone that has taken alcohol before, I think that it is not something that I am always keen to drink based on some things that I look at when we are considering so many things. First of all, I try to fight addiction in everything that I do in this life which is one of the reasons I stopped smoking too.

If I form  the habit of drinking with friends or alone every week or thereabouts, there is always that situation where I may likely get addicted to it and this is something that is going to make me lose consciousness when we talk of being in control of what I eat.

I agree with some that they should not take alcohol at all as I have not really seen the real gains of doing it. I mean it is not wise for me to focus on taking drinks that will always mean getting drunk always.
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When you grow up seeing your father drinking with friends,you might thinking also of doing the same. But, I did a different thing, I followed my mother whom I never seen drinking any alcoholic drink. All my brothers they do drink alcohol and I am  not. When I was in my teens, I tried to drink beer,  but find it too appealing taste and it give me upset stomach so I decided not to drink again. When I am at 20's I had a job and workmates became my friends, so I hang out with them and start to drink hard drink like tequila. And as usual it was horrible experienced for me, I had to walk out go to the bathroom and vomit. My friends laugh at me the next shifting hour we had. I had a very bad headache the next morning, like what had happen last night. And now, I can proudly say that, it's been over 10 years I don't drink alcohol.

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