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Stretch marks are visible lines on the skin surface, with an off-color hue.They can occur on the stomach, buttocks, breasts, upper arms, thighs or hips. Stretch marks can make you feel self-conscious and uncomfortable about your appearance.There are several treatment options available to reduce the appearance of stretch marks.

1) The use of prescription creams containing retinols can be very helpful for relatively new stretch marks.But the usage of such creams during pregnancy is not recommended.

2)Some of the advanced stretch mark removal treatment include dermabrasion and laser treatments.These typically require several treatments over a period of time and are very effective.

For more information regarding Stretch mark removal options, Visit website.

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Some people say that stretch marks are hereditary but I don't believe it. Even though I don't have any stretch marks but I'm really scared of having them on my skin especially on my thigh. 
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It really takes a while to remove stretchmarks, some may don't but with regular exfoliation and moisturizer, it will fade slowly.
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Some creams causes stretch marks. So, it's very important to be very careful when using any cream that you purchase in the cosmetics shop. 

Avoiding using such creams is a very good way of avoiding getting stretch marks. 

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Stretch mark are lines which are natural natural in every human skin. They are thin hue in nature and not directly visible in many person skin mist especially the dark people.
Before I talk about how to get rid of it, I think its best we first understand what makes what is not directly visible becomes much more visible and sometimes very irritating in some person. Many argument and experiments have being written on the cause and I think the most accepted one is the fact that we don't really take note of what we eat, where we sleep, the weather to the skin and very importantly the kind of creams we use on our skin.

These of course led us to many issues why stretch marks become much visible and irritating and by extension it leads us to the solution.

If anybody tells you that there is a cure to it. It must be a lie because its not a disease rather its an abnormality that can be controlled by first visiting a specialist of skin to prescribe drugs that will nourish and replenish the lost nutrients in the skin. Then stop or avoid the creams you'very been using .
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Stretch marks which is like a stripe on the skin caused by distension on the skin can be reduced with different ways but can completely be gotten away through surgical means.
Well before going the surgical route it will be worthwhile to go the simpler naturally route and see how it goes, at least these means are easy to use and follow and there are less expensive too.

 It good to detox the body to clean it inside out and nothing big than taking clean pure water. Taking good amount of water can help fades stretch marks

White sugar and lemon juice can work wonders,just whisk the two together and use it on the different areas.

Consult a dermatologist for a free counselling and then get a good cream for it.

Use olive oil to massage the areas.
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Stretch marks are lesions that make look like stripes or lines that tend to form in the dermis during period of hormonal flux, with weight gain or loss, weight lifting, pregnancy, puberty and other periods of hormone change. So, stretch marks are not of natural occurrence like most people think. Just like the name which begins with stretch, this marks tend to appear in situations revolving around the skin stretching due to natural or self made body changes.

Again, as much as a lot of people often think stretch marks are not treatable, they in fact are to an extent. They are several treatment types for stretch marks. Amongst them, am familiar with two process which I think are quiet effective. The use of cream base substances and laser removal are the two most popular treatments with the later considered as the most effective of all.

Creams base substances for the treatment of stretch marks is the application of the said on the affected parts of the body in an attempt to lessen or totally get rid of the marks. This is the most popular methods and widely used because it's quiet affordable.

Laser removal on the other hand is less popular and used because it involves high tech process which is a little expensive for most people to afford. I really don't know the exact process of laser removal, I only know it involves a process called photoepilation. This involves the body absorbing emmisions of strong burst of lights at a wave length or color for a specified duration of time. Please don't ask me what this means, i only know it's the most effective means of treating stretch marks.
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Stretch marks have been a very serious problem for women mostly. Most women that I have come to know and be very close to are suffering from stretch marks in one part of their body. If it's not in their stomach, it would be their arms, thighs, buttocks etc.

Men also suffer stretch marks but not as much as women does and it gives them a very serious concerns that they would do almost everything and anything in order to get rid of the stretch marks.

I have heard that aloe vera are very capable of treating stretch marks and having it gone for real. Although, there are some cases whereby the aloe vera has failed to remove the stretch marks completely. There are some cream and oil that are said to be very effective in treating and removing stretch marks but I think it has side effects.
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If you are single you would worry about stretch mark because you don't want to see them in your skin. You want to have a perfect skin, but for some people stretch marks will start shown at teenage this is mainly because of their hormonal balance. I have experienced this one and it did bother me at first sight but, if you accept your skin condition, you would not worry about it at all. When I have my children I only have few stretch marks on my tummy, given I always apply moisturizer especially cocoa butter when I was pregnant. Then still stretch marks came out after birth. But Im still happy because it's not that worse like anyone else. I believe moisturizing will help and find in the counter where you can buy a good lotion that is mad of rose hip oil, it will take few months even years or might not at all to fade your stretch marks. But you can lessen it by applying over the counter cream too like dermatix, expensive but I have heard it will lighten the stretchmarks but not totally erase it. Just be consistent with moisturizer and vitamin e to heal the skin.

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