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OMAD is a diet where you eat One Meal A Day. There is a 23 hours fasting and only a one hour window of eating in a single day of 24 hours.

Ulcers is a disease whereby one has wounds called ulcers in the stomach. Hunger may make a person get ulcers because acids in the stomach fall on the intestines causing ulcers. I stand to be corrected. Does OMAD cause ulcers?image

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I will be talking from the perspective of someone that has been doing Omad and also one that has seen the huge benefits of doing it. Medically, it has not been totally proven that doing Omad can cause ulcer as not taking lots of food in a day won't make you develop this ailments as long as you are living your life the way that it is supposed to be.

From the first days and weeks when you join Omad, you will notice that adjustments is not always easy for you to experience, but as time goes on, everything will start failing into place and this was what happened when I joined Omad. The first thing to do before starting Omad is to meet with your medical doctor to get an assurance that you are medically okay to go ahead with the diet plans as I know people that are involved in many diet programs and never had ulcer for once.
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Thank you for this answer. Actually OMAD does not cause ulcers
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There are so many things that causes ulcer but I'm absolutely sure that OMAD doesn't cause ulcer. In as much as it's a one day eating habit to monitor and keep one's weight in check, it doesn't mean it causes ulcer.
So many diet professionals that I have spoken with made is absolutely clear to me that OMAD does not cause ulcer because I was skeptical about whether OMAD can cause ulcer or not before joining it. So, I see a lot of counsel to have all the information at hand before venturing into doing OMAD.
I have known a lot of people who suffer ulcer and all of them never told me it was doing OMAD that gave them ulcer. Take for instance, my mother suffers ulcer but it's as a result of being poisoned that caused her to develop ulcer and not doing OMAD.
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A thought like this came into my mind when I was providing an answer to question related to this one here. The truth is, OMAD has the potential of causing ulcer. The practice can't stop to boggle my mind on how someone would be starving his/her all in the name of trying to be fit while there are other sure-proof ways this can be achieved.

On the tendency of OMAD cause of ulcer, research has it that long abstenance from food can lead to ulceric condition, because the microflora organisms responsible for the degradation of food substances become deprived of nutrients, as a result, they would turn on the intestinal walls of the digestive system. And this would definitely lead to ulcer if there's continuance avoidance of food when one is hungry.

As for me, I would kindly suggest that if anyone wants to practice OMAD, there shouldn't be hundred percent adherent to it, because the health risks could outweigh it benefits if not done prudently.
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From what I have managed to pull off online research so far about the possibility of OMAD being able to cause ulcer is that most people have a divided opinion as regards to this subject.

As a result of not jumping into conclusions without having all the facts on whether OMAD can possibly cause ulcer, I had to engage in doing OMAD for consistent 8 months. I would have taken it up to one year but decided to pull the trigger on it and have it terminated. So, finally having participated in OMAD for 8 long months without having any sign of ulcer, I believe that it's right to say that OMAD doesn't cause ulcer.

I had to go for complete medical check up with ultrasound just to be sure. Some people who have ulcer when they are on OMAD might have other health problems that led to the ulcer and not the OMAD that caused them ulcer.
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While I still believe that OMAD diet can cause ulcer, I still haven't come across anyone who has come down with ulcer from practicing the one meal a day kind of diet. This diet practically means eating for only one hour out of twenty four hours in a day.  After that, there are no nutrients for you body to utilize and keep up with all your energy required activities.

It is only natural that apart from breaking down stored fats for energy, your digestive juices and enzymes may take one your intestinal walls hence causing ulcerations.

Your body will suffer before you finally adjust to this eating habit. If you aren't up for it, there are plenty of other healthy meal plans that you can practice for a successful weight loss program.
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