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I have several pages of own premium articles on topics health and fitness. I don't want to make a blog or any kind of. I would like to make ebooks out of it which can be sold internationally. My works are made in MS Word. How can I make ebooks from it? Can I get into my target by creating PDFs. Or should I go for any other formats?
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Try to convert it to PDF file using Microsoft Word and if you want you can make use of CorelDraw for more professional way of creating PDF. It is much better to publish an Ebook using the PDF format since majority of researchers and readers are now in the look for Ebook files.

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I was faced with this type of dilemma back in those days when I was looking at writing e-books. This was the period that I started writing and was looking for ways that I can use to boost the income that I was making. To be frank with you, I couldn't get the answer to how I can make e-books that easy then since I was assuming that it is one big task. However, when my mentor that I got to meet a month later when I was working told me that it is something that is very easy to do, I was surprised. To be do this, you must have a laptop.

First of all, I would advise that you use Microsoft office to format your contents in the best way that you want to do it. Afterwards, you open the top icon of where you can save the content that you have edited. You pick save as and under the options, you will see save as PDF, once you click on it, you will have your e-book file looking at you. It is that pretty easy and it was something that I never knew that it was as easy as ABC.

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