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I am new to this place and the truth is that I have noticed that there is not much user activity, I would really like to know if it is worth investing time in this place. And how much time do I need to reach the minimum payment?
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It really depends on how much time you're willing to invest. Personally, I think it's a good time killer, and it's nice to make a little cash on the side. However, this site isn't going to make you rich. You might be able to make $30 per month, at most.

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Although I have not been paid by the site, which I am confident of they would have done that if I had requested for it, I can tell you that the site is hundred percent legit.

But from what I have experienced ever since I have been here, that the site do pay its registered members who have reached the minimum payout threshold, which happens to be 3000 points. So many members have testified to that with payment proves even posted by them.
I will advise you to partake in the question and answer exercise by ensuring you provide correct answers to questions, and ask relevant questions and make appropriate reply to posts. And strive to see if you can gather up the needed points for payment before December 22.
Apart from the payment, if you are like me who is a knowledge seeker, you are going to benefit a lot from the site, because as you are contributing, you will also be learning from other members posts. Stick around for an experience of a lifetime.
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Yes,this site is really worth the time invested on it.This has always been the question on every new user's lips,is answeree real,legit and paying.I did have same doubt until I was paid in minutes when I requested for my first payout and I had the full confidence to continue working on the site.

So I will tell you with full confidence and any other new member that there's nothing scamming about Answeree, it is legit as in the meaing of legit and pays very fast provided the answers provided were good. I have received my first payment and now trying to get my second payment, I had even created a thread about it and added my payment screenshot.

So I will advised you feel free on the site and work hard to get to payout before 22 of December.you need 3000 points to do that by the way.
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There is a limit of 7 answer, 5 questions and unlimited reply as of the moment. The rule changes from time to time and everyone should abide that. I think it is worth of my time in here. I do not stay here for more than an hour. I only stayed after I made some activity and sometimes I even didn't take advantage of the limit it gives. I got one payment and very far for my next payout. Because I am a blogger and I love to be in posting and discussion, for me this is a perfect place to stay. I am here not because of earning alone. I had fun some topics that relieve my stress. I feel I have a purpose in here. I really hope I able to help someone about their problems and I really wish there is someone who realized their worth by only reading some of the questions and answer in here.
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Are you certain that there's not much user activity in here? Have you seen the total number of questions and answers given everyday? Maybe you meant something else but didn't quiet phrase it as supposed. I'd rather not talk about the genuity of Answeree, as you probably already know, Answeree is one of the best writing sites you can come across over the internet.

Well, answeree is worth putting in the effort, not just for the intended earning, but also the amount of knowledge you could get going through questions, and also meeting people from all over is a plus. From the period of time answeree has been around, i think their doing great so far.

Answeree doesn't take too long to make a cash out. As you already know, the current rules allow 7 post per day with each post awarded 10 points. You'd need a total 3k points to meet cash out threshold. You can also mount points on a low scale by making replies and asking questions with awarded points of 1 for each.
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