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Some people are of the habit of charging their phones 24/7. Even when the phone battery is full, they still wouldn't unplug it. 
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I usually charger my mobile phone for about an hour or more but beyond that, no. Sometimes I accidentally leave it all night charged which is not good.
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My phone battery takes a minimum of three hours to be 100 percent fully charged. Sometimes, it shows me six hours to complete charging but when I reboot the phone, it comes down to 3 hours. 
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Once in a while day or night, when the battery capacity goes below 50%.

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We always have electricity problems over here, there are sometimes when we would not see electricity for two months or even more, and so we have to depend on using generators to have electricity and possibly charge our phones.

So, when it comes to getting to charge one's mobile smartphone, I do plug my smartphone to charge anytime I get the opportunity to do so. In fact, I have to move about when my phone charger to everywhere I go to in order to charge my phone at any place I get to see electricity and free open socket to plug my android smartphone to charge.

As a result of the poor electricity supply, my smartphone literally stays plugged always once there is light. No one can tell when the light would be taken, so we make the best of the opportunity we have.
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I'm very much aware of this problem of insufficient electricity as the reason why most people always try to have their phones charged all the time. 

I do allow my own phone device to plug charging even when it's full just to have it at 100% all the time. 
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On a serious note I charge my phone every time and most importantly every time there is light. Once I noticed the battery goes down a bit. Once there is light I must charge. Well, that is the case or situation you face when you live in a country wwhere light or electricity availabililmty of light on constant proportion is weak.
Infact, if one choose not to charge every time, there will be a lot of situations where by phones won't be functional. Due to lack of power on it.

However, it might not be a ideal system of charging the gadget but we hope for improve light system such that we wouldnt have to border about anymore. And sice we need the phone to always be on..constant charging is practically inevitable.

I believe advance countries that doesn't have such problems won't haver her citizens to suffer from constant charging.
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The charging of my phone is done when the battery is low, and itt unplugged as soon it attains its fullness. I don't see the reason why I would continue charging it while already it has indicated it has reached its full charged level. Personally, I wouldn't want my phone battery to get damaged by uncontrolled charging of it. I have learnt that the contnous charging of phone battery is not healthy for its lifespan. That this can have serious effects on how long it could last over time. And that phone battery is recommeded to be charged when its below a certain level of drainness, which 40-20%. Plus, it shouldn't be charged until it attain 100% for it be unplugged from power supply.
I was also made to understand that if these recommendation is strictly adhered to that phone battery would last longer for the user. But if the opposite is the case, the longevity of the phone battery would be compromised.

However, I don't really blame people who defile these recommendations, because most countries don't usually have reliable power supply. For that reason, the only way they can have their phone batteries fully charged is by ensuring constant charging of them.
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I used to charge my phone for whole night but it is all wrong. The ideal charging is when the phone is new, you need to drain it and use it until it drain. Once it drains, you need to charge it for 4 hours, to make the phone last for 48 hours on some unit and 24 hours on some. Once you regularly use the phone, old already, you need to charge it until it is full. You don't need to use it and it is a must that you are not using your phone while you are charging it because it ruins the charging process. It will even prolong the charging of the phone that should be short. I charge my phone until it is full. The charging process lasted for 2 hours or less than it. It should be that way. It should not stay for whole night. That is the right thing to do with charging our phone.

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