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I like to witness engagement proposals because some can be very dramatic,creative and funny too.My proposal was simple and straight to the point.How was yours? Please share?

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It's so funny when I always watched videos that the guy proposing to his girlfriend in a romantic and teary way. And here I am never experienced the same what I have seen in those videos. Every time I think of it, I feel pity that my now husband didn't propose to me to marry me. Instead, he told me we need to get married soon for some purpose. Lucky for those women that their husband to be proposed them in a beautiful and unexpected way.  I even got married without a ring in my fingers. Sometimes, I will question myself If I am worthy to propose or not.

My other friend got married and their marriage is so beautiful wearing beautiful white gown, while me got married and wearing white pants and winter jacket on. Is there something wrong with me that my partner not treating me like a special one? I would wish to get married again and experienced those beautiful wedding gowns and a ring in my finger.
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Let me leave out the discussion on how I proposed to my own girlfriend before we got married because there wasn't anything so intriguing like what we witness today especially on social media sites with how guys propose to their lovers.
I have actually witnessed one in real life when I was at a shopping mall trying to pick out a few groceries and drinks, one guy who was also shopping with his girlfriend in the same shopping mall right in the midst of hundreds of people in the mall went down on his knees and brought out one shinny silver ring and asked the girl to marry him. There was a big awe at the mall immediately and everyone started singing YES YES YES for the girl to accept the guy. She burst up into tears immediately and leaped onto him and said yes.

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