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The time of the day would determine whether I'm going to use both soap and sponge to bath or only soap. If it's morning and night bath, I would use both but if it's afternoon bath, I would use soap only.

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I use both soap and sponge but I can always take a bath with only soap. Soap bath and soaks too can count as baths in my opinion. This is how it works for me; when I take a really good bath especially in the hot weather, it is not long before I start getting moist and irritated all over again.

As such, I can take a bath with only soap and water because I've not done anything stressful to soil my body. Let's say that you've had a good scrub just thirty minutes before settling into bed but you are already irritated, it is not ideal to scrub again. Soap and water works fine in this case. However it is never ideal to have a long day only to come back to use soap and water only.

If you can shower five times a day, soap and water at some point is fine. If you scrubbed your body all through these five times, you'll be getting rid of all your natural oils and can also cause abrasive damage to your skin.
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That is it! It is not ideal to use sponge again after you've done so not too long ago. In that case, you can only make use of soap and water to take your bath.
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I wonder how one can take his or her bath only with soap,so one will just rub the soap on the body and rinse off and just believe he or she has taken a bath,no wonder some people still smell awfully after a bath. The most thorough and effective way of taking a bath is by using both soap and sponge and this is what I do to my body. I clean out my skin thoroughly by using a mild sponge to scrub my body and especially parts where dirt can easily stays for a long time.

Applying both soap and sponge even leave the scent of the soap on the body and if it a soap that smells very nice it can keep one smelling sweet and fresh for a long time.
To get much lethal from a soap it good to rub it on a sponge before taking a bath.i believe the lethal also helps one to bath the body properly because it will cover the skin.
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I think for a very long time now I've not take my bath with sponge and in a candid term I look more neat both in and out than a lot of guys wwho actually spong is to make them clean. The skin therapy doesn't even encourage the use of hard object or materials tthat is culpable of damaging the skin vessels or tissues. Many of our grant parents in old days believe so much in spongevtovthe ends that they don't mind the type of soap. All they needed is hard sponge.
If I may ask, if after using the hard sponge one still clean the clean with a towel and the towel gets stained. Where did the stain comes from?.

Well in my sincere recommendation, I recommend the use if better antiseptics soap than just praising the sponge. So that one won't continue to kill the skin.
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When I was a child we only use soap alone, we just have to get it wet and rub between in out palm.And or sometimes we just rub it directly into our skin to make it bubble. Growing up with this, there is no problem from doing so but it causes my skin is so dry that;s is why we need to apply lotion afterwards. When teenager hit me, I have learned to used a clothing material to make the soap bubble and use that one to rub into my skin. Until discover the Lofa and use it but, they were painful at first use. I have tried to use sponge but I don't like it either because usually most germs live on a sponge no matter how you dried it. And then, I discover this net, and its pretty simple to use but, the only problem is it will tangle in a long run of usage. So now, I bought this soap from ebay and it was covered with net itself. So, basically the purpose of it is to get the water run in it and rub until it bubble. And the bubble is the usage so it won't make your skin dry. So this is what I am using now no matter what soap I will use.
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I always use sponge and I have different kinds of sponge. The sponge I am using for my body is the dry one and the one that I use with my face is the soft one. It is needed that I always have a sponge for my whole body including face. The soap cannot clean the surfaces of my body, only a sponge can do that. I make sure I clean the sponge after using it, dry it and put it in a place where it can be spared by germs. When I will use it, I will drop it in a hot water and then cold water and then I use it. Sponge is really needed to maintain our body to be clean. This is the best way to get rid of dirt and to avoid us from getting illness from germs, to not to get viral diseases. It plays an important role on me when bathing so I need to have a sponge all the time.
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