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Sincerely I do trust very easily and it doesn't go well at the end to the extend I get hurt after all. I was actually into a relationship with this young lady and everything was moving smoothly. I was ready to use my last money to get recharge card just to speak to her over the night. She was Beverly willing to share same. Suddenly she started giving distance, each time I tried moving close she will refused.  Until later that I got to know she was equally dating another guy. The relationship went on like that till things fell  apart. I had to let her be. After a long period, the guy disappointed her and she had to return back to me. I still love and trust her. I had to forgive and bring her back. The union became more stronger, than anyone can imagine, until after few years when she started keeping similar distance again. I became disturbed because, I already invested too much in the relationship. I tried all I could but at the end, behavior will always remain behaviour. She hurt me again.
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I feel sorry for you, but I guess you have learned enough from this type of person.
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There are lots of people who had fooled me before. For as young as 6 years old, I was fooled by a playmate. I was bullied at the age of 6 then it happens continuously up to this day. Because of that, I maintain to be careful with people. I am always nice and kind but giving my trust is a different case. Trust is like respect to me, it is earned. Trust is like respect to me, that when it breaks, it already broke, we can fix the mistakes but it is never forgotten. Trust is highly than respect to me. I can respect someone but surely you will not see me with that person again. Trust is highly because I watched my words and I watched the words of the people around me. I do not easily believe and relies on words given, it should be acted or executed.
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Yes, that is true that when someone broke your trust it will never be back to again.It is hard to trust people nowadays.
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I try to but humans are just funny people in a weird way.i don't think it will be a difficult thing to trust people but alot of experiences both personal and people's own has helped thrown trust out of the window and we become scare of one another. I get to read and hesr about mistrust daily and one will just want to preserve self by not trusting any one with their life.

It really a pity that life has come to this,even a close friend try to hide one or two things from one another.i can remember having a business plan and I discussed it with some elderly members of my family to help me actualize it by introducing me to those at the helm of affairs in my state. They did help but transfer ownership to their names.
They killed both trust and respect for them and I can never trust anyone again with my ideas.
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Yes, some people really exist in this world and no matter they know how untrustworthy they are they don't care about it.
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I think that trust is earned from others. I used to trust people very quickly in the past. I would believe whatever they said and did because I felt like they had no reason to be deceitful and I thought everyone held people in the same esteem as I did. However, after I learned that some people will only come into your life because they want something from you and when they get it, you'll be seeing the other side of them.

I admit now that I don't trust people as much as I did. I'm not a suspicious person either. I just take people at the same value and only after you've earned my trust can I hand it over to you. This means that I've come to trust only few people in my life and I'm indifferent about others until proven otherwise.

There's a lot of lessons learned and to be learnt in life. Hence we do not have a Choice but to be extra careful when dealing with people.
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Trust is gradual process that one build towards a person through continuous interactions and association over some period of time, so I don't easily trust people but I don't doubt them, whenever I meet a new person or friend I try as much as possible to believe everything he say whenever we have conversations, as time ticks and days rolls,  the truth about the person will be gradually revealing, if he or she is a person of her or his words.
It takes a lot of time for me to trust someone,  we also know that it is rare to trust someone completely because we are humans and imperfect,  there are some people that one easily trust with money,  there are some people that one can easily trust when it comes to handling of properties and there some people that one can easily trust when it comes to been faithful to their partners.

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