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Being angry is something that is very common with every human being. 

We all get angry with someone or something every now and then. 

How do you manage your anger? 

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When I'm very angry, I tend to think irrationally and if I were to act, I would do it on impulse solely based on how I feel. I could say that most stupid and hurtful things. This is why when I'm angry, I try as much as possible to just stay quiet and keep to myself. At that point I reflect on everything that led to my rage and only then can I realize if it is really worth getting upset over and often times it is really not worth it.

It doesn't have to really get ugly. If only we all stop for a moment to think if it is really worth it. The thing about acting on anger is that we may say and do things unimaginable. Things we can never take back and we may regret them for the rest of our lives.

Sometimes we say things we don't mean and other times we spit out out true feelings. This is why we must try to control our anger at all times.
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When once we realize that anger though an emotion is a negative one we will be able to manage it.We  all have this emotion in us and the only difference will be the level by which each person can control theirs. One thing I like about myself is the ability to control negative emotions. No one has ever benefitted from such emotions so it better we put them in check.
The first thing I do is to avoid people and places that will angered me.No need staying in such a situation it will never bring anything good.

If I find myself angry I would rather walk away and totally ignore than react, because I might not like my reaction at all.

I will prefer a round table discussion to iron things out it would be better that way, no need killing myself with anger and regretting later.
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Managing of one's anger is the most difficult thing anybody can do. A lot of people don't even know about anger management talk more of knowing how to apply it when the moment surfaces. Unfortunately, anger has led many on the path of great destruction because they couldn't curtail their anger.
On personal basis, I find it very hard to control that part of my emotion responsible for dealing with anger. This often happens whenever something/somebody gets on my nerve, and before I'll know it, my entire being would be enraged with anger, that I'd feel like loosing my composure. Previously, if something really anger me, I can go as far as resulting to insult, if further irritation is added to the anger, physical combat becomes inevitable.
But all that changed as I grew older. Anytime I feel anger now, I always try to be in control of my emotion. The only thing I can do in such moment as anger management strategy is to keep quiet and not say a thing, or quietly work away from the scene, so that I don't get flared up and overreact to the situation.
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I cannot manage my anger. I am a person who do not have enough patience for it. I react when i want to react and that is me, I don't ever do a cover up. Sometimes it is a big mistake when I react instantly but sometimes when I am reacting, it influence someone to be true to themselves. I am more of  pusher than an inspiration on some. I really want to have an anger managing process. I know some people who count one to ten before bursting to being mad and angry about something, unlike me that I instantly fume when something went wrong. I had control before but I think when my father died, I became emotional and depress and I cannot remove this kind of attitude anymore. I easy to get hurt and I became sensitive now. I just wish I can solve this issue.
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Anger is one dangerous  thing that can destroy good thing in seconds and even make things worst beyond damage. It is a characteristics in every human which every individual must learn to master its control till minimum level. Because in 99% circumstances, it doesn't create it rather breaks.  There is a unique saying that " every angry man is at that moment a mad man". I think its the only saying that must have helped a lot oof people to master their emotion till date.

I've seen a lot of worst from anger, a angry man who beats his daughter to death, a angry wife who stabbed her husband 17 times, a angry man who strangled his wife and many more worst happenings from anger. And I trust we don't need to second guess the repercussions of anger because it all ends with regret.

So it is very important for every human to always reason that nothing good will come out of anger. And that is always my first thought when anger comes knocking on my emotions. Leave the scene and go to place to smile and laugh. Shake it off and stand on it.
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Its true that anger can cause any damage in every people around us especially our love ones, situation that we can't control, these people must learn how to control their emotions and or needed some professional help.

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