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Conversion disorder is a mental condition. These patients will experience physical symptoms that have no physical causes and that the different tests and physical examinations won't have any explanation for. Examples of these symptoms are blindness and paralysis. Persons experiencing this are not faking these symptoms, this condition is real. This condition is called ''conversion'', because the idea that scientists have put through to explain it, is that these patients experience psychological distress and the latter is being converted into physical symptoms. Based on this theory, doctors will try to determine if the patient has any underlying mental health conditions like mood and personality disorders, or if the patient is experiencing any stress or going through any conflicts and that might be the cause for this condition.
The most important thing to do when trying to manage this condition is to not in any way make it seem like the patient is faking it, because that will only make it worse. But in most cases, the symptoms will go away as soon as the stress has been reduced and the conflicts have been resolved. In severe cases, physical therapy can help.

All in all, the patients have to deal with the conflicts and sources of distress, underlying conditions must be addressed and treated, and psychotherapy is very helpful in this condition. Meditation and yoga are also recommended.
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From my little experience from human psychological observation, I think I've come across something like conversation disorder which is attributed to imbalance health function of human body leading to paralysis and all sort of symptoms. Ordinarily, medical examination and laboratory test won't be able to detect the disorder causes of the abnormality. Some people will even attribute it to spiritual attack. Most cases where a person have suffered depression and acute pressures in the part of the brain. Leading to blockage in most nerves and veins. If the condition is not properly taking care if on time it might result to something lik this. So the only means to actually correct it is to first check the patient's llineage if they have any record of mental disorder whichever the result of the examination is, a psychologist will administer a perfect drug to correct the abnormalities and it bus advisable for the family members to always stay close and neve4never to make it seems the person is worst. After enough rest the patient will return to normal.
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