When it comes to writing, one is either going to use blue or black pen. Which one do you prefer writing with?

Blue or black pen? 
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I like to use blue pen to write I just like to use the color to write than black I might really have a reason though I just prefer blue. 

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I prefer to use the blue pen to write though both of them are very good but blue pens are more used,  while i was in secondary school I used both them because some times I love to be unique,  so when majority are using the blue one, I opt for the black pen, in few cases I used both of them while writing note,  I used blue pen for the most part of the note while the black pen for the keywords or definition.
Another important why I also use black pen is that sometimes when I type out documents, while proof reading I come in contact with some minor errors that a pen can correct, black pen is most appropriate since the color of the write up is black so it not be noticeable. I also prefer to sign vital documents using black pen so that I can be unique.
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I prefer to write with black to or ink than the blue Biro ink. I could still recall in my primary school days; it is a rule that you don't or can't use pen of either ink until you enter primary 3 equally called form 3 in 80s. My first biro was blue Biro! I was full of joy when I first used a Biro after much of years yawning to use it like I usually see on my brother's note.
I enjoy using the Biro since I've much long for it. As at then, I didn5 didn't have knowledge of existence of different colours. All I thought is; we only have blue Biro.

But, to be very sincere, I prefer black biro compared compared to the blue Biro especially when I'm writing on a while paper. The combination makes the note more legible and neat.  I don't get tired of reading notes written with black ink.
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I always prefer to write using black pen because it is more look appropriate for me, and it looks more appealing than blue pen. I write more neat using black pen than blue pen. When filling up any forms, black pen is more acceptable and recommended to use. Maybe because it looks like an ink from the printer and more acceptable with digital if it will scan in the machine.

When I was in shool days, I use either blue or black pen but I always wanted a black pen. Some teachers will require to use black pen rather blue pen but I think either is acceptable. It depends too what the pen point size I can use, because it has different sizes and the bigger it is the more I don't like. Even now, I still use black pen, I have blue and red pens but I don't use them that much not unless I am out of ink anymore with my black pen.
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The issue of writing with either blue or black pen is a matter of preference. As for me either of them is suitable to write with as long it produces the right result of using it. Pens generally, are quite incredible tools to write if only they are working as expected as one is using them.

We all know how unreliable pen could get especially how disappointing they could be in terms of its ineffectiveness when writing with them. Basically, that's why I am not really into being choosy between blue or black pen.
Most cases, I have had the chance to use either of them, but the one I've used the most is the blue pen. If I am not mistaken, most people tend to gravitate towards the use of blue pen more than the black. Apart from the colour of pen, mind you they also come in different names/brands. I have the feeling that the quality of these pens depend on the names/brands of the pens not necessarily the colour, which we should be more concerned about.
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I more enjoy to use blue pen that black pen but at the office, we are all needed to use black pen because it is easy to see and clear when we need to photocopy the documents. Signatures and approval needed to be in black pen, because colored pens cannot be seen, especially color orange. When I just need to write on my organizer I use blue pen. I have three colored pens always come in handy when I need to change the color. I use red for checking, literally putting a check on a written notes. Blue for my organizer and black for important documents. I prefer both and I get used of using both. When I need to make a letter for the government or I need to fill up something, I use black ballpen because it makes it more professional to use it. It can be easily seen when we need to have a photocopy of it.
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I prefer the 'Black' Pen over the 'Blue' Pen because the 'Black' Pen is used for highlighting the 'Word'.'Black' Pen is for heading.
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I do use blue pen when I am writing and I am also use black color pens to highlight the headings, subheadings and important quotes. Writing with blue pen is common. We all do write with blue pen in schools, colleges and in work places. 
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I choose blue, because it has color, so will give enlightenment to write when feeling tired. Black color has gloomy appearance and harder to read. But for official letter or job application, I prefer black ink as it is acceptable and a must.
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I always preferred writing with black pen over blue pen as black is always more subtle than blue and clearly over white sheets it enhances the writing
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I would prefer to write with a blue pen, mainly because blue is my favorite color. Blue pens are aesthetic to me in a way when writing a paper or mail to someone. Everyone uses black pens now in days it is so boring to me like I do get it black prints look good on white paper and it's seen as more professional my opinion on blue pens won't chnage.
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I use both as per need. I use to write the main text with blue and headings & highlighting with black. But at times, writing with black gives a different pleasure. :) 

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I do write using both colors either blue or black. The preference comes out based on individual likes. Also, the brand some companies make good pens compared to other. 
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I prefer using a black pen in handwriting or signing some pertinent records and documents. But I can use a blue pen for some situations.
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We all usually use blue colour ink in pen. When i use to write with ink pen i prefer to write with black pen. We all like black but  we normally normally normally use blue.
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For official documents and legal ones, black ink is advised.Document scanning and duplication are the main causes. Simply put, black ink scans better than blue, which has a tendency to appear very light.

I prefer blue ink for writing. 
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I'm going with black ballpen. As what I've answered in another question, white paper is better and black pen can contrast it's color to a white paper for better reading
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