Flood, fire, tsunami, landslide, earthquake, volcano eruption and so on, which one would you consider to be the worst natural disaster? 
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The natural disaster is the worst thing we human can encounter since we can't control or stop  over it.  The worst I have ever seen was the floods and tsunami, water is very dangerous thing have ever seen. Especially the one happened in Japan, the tsunami in HawaIi and the flood over in Luzon Philippines. Lot of people died in it and some were not found at all. The nature itself react to what human did,a nd it just take many lives of innocent people. Flooding should be preventable if we don't cut trees, if we don't throw garbage everywhere that can cause the drainage blocked. The landslide also is unpredictable, typhoon is worst disaster, and also the earthquake. After huge earthquake is a big tsunami as they said, and that is dangerous if you don't follow evacuation plan. I remember also the mountain eruption, but this is predictable and people near area must evacuate as soon as possible.
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Sometimes I wonder whether any of these natural disasters is any better because hurricane, tornadoes, earthquake etc are just so freightening to witness and are quite dangerous to me. But the one  I fear most is flood because this kills more people than other natural disasters.

Even in my country that most natural disasters are alien to us,flood seem to be a reoccurring decimal and it never come and goes without killing people and destroying property.it can really be desvastating for victims of this disaster.
Other disasters are sometimes predicted and people are informed to evacuate such region , maybe only the stubborn one's get affected but flood might just erupt or could just be from endless rain and people get badly affected.
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This is going to be a difficult pick given how destructive natural disasters are. Be it landslides, tsunami or series of floods, I don't think anyone is better off than others. They all are dangerous and can pose and take the lives of thousands depending on the situation. But an earthquake is something to really worry about.

When a tsunami hits, people who almost get affected immediately are those riverside communities living close to waters from which the disaster came through. This means that certain far part of the cities might not be affected given it's limited range. I think the same goes with floods and landslides.

The options that I think are more destructive from your question will have to be wild fire and volcanic eruptions. This two natural disasters might not necessarily have a stopping range. They can keep on going until whatever started them stops, or when there's no more weapons in their arsenal.

 A wildfire just keeps on burning anything on it's part, so long as there's something to burn, It just keeps on going. It takes a lot of effort to stop a wild fire from destruction. A wildfire that once started out in the united states took months to bring it under control.

A volcano on the other hand is probably one of the most powerful natural disaster ever. When an eruption occurs, a lot of destruction follows. Before the actual eruption, a volcano spits volumes of sulphur and other harmful chemical substances into the air which makes the air less breathable and can very well harm living things.

The second stage starts by blowing up and sending huge rocks on fire into the air and to different directions. Some of these rocks can stretch more than 15 miles away as recorded from previous eruptions. Hence, the volcanic eruption isn't the actual problem, but the after effect of the eruption are. The crazy part is that all of these steps during the eruption process eventually leads to series of other disasters. This is because a lot of movements has been made on the earth's crust. These movements have the power to start up different other disasters like flooding, earthquakes, tsunami and others. So, I think a volcanic eruption is the mother of all natural disasters.
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As far as I am concerned, all the natural disasters are all deadly as long they are involve in the destruction of lives and properties. And another thing with natural disasters is that, they are some that do happen frequently while there are those that occur once in a while. And as for those that rarely occur are quite more devastating than the those that happen all the time.

If we really want to go with the extent of damage caused by natural disaster, we can say that volconic eruption is the most dreaded amongst them all. Because volcano whenever it occurs there tends to be massive loss of lives and properties, but the good side of it is that it rarely occurs. Same can be said of earthquake because it also cause horrendious advoc whenever it happens.
We can say that others like hurricane, tsanami etc are also deadly too as they are not human nor environmental friendly occurences.
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The word disaster already has explained itself. To me don't think there's a better disaster than the other as they all cause pain, suffering, destruction and impoverishing an already worse situation. I prefer none for real. 
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There are so many nature disasters so you not say the one that is better but for me I will say that earth quake is the worst natural disaster.
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All natural disasters are deadly, destructive and displace people .In opinion any disaster that can be prevented and managed are less are less fatal and can not cause alot of damage.
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Every natural disaster is dangerous but I guess Flood and Typhoon is worst. I have experienced this when we were on a province and I can't figure out where are my family members. It was a trauma because I was mentally shocked that time.
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