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If I start a blog on blogger as a subdomain like, can I make this site successful with lot of organic traffic? Is it worth for a try?

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Normally what new bloggers do is this:

  1. They create a free blog site such as you've described here.
  2. They start adding content to the blog and sharing their content.
  3. They link their blog with their social media accounts and create a group page for the blog.
  4. Now they try and do some self-promoting like visiting on forums, advertising their blog, and joining forums. When they join the forum they can add the link to their account and each time they post a new comment or thread the link is displayed under their name.
  5. They join forums like Beermoney Forum and use their job market to pay people to visit their blog, like the blog, subscribe to the blog, and post comments on the blog.
  6. They also can create a YouTube channel and post some video reviews or content they have written on their blog. Afterward, they supply a link to the blog in the video and in the comments.
This gets the blog started and a few site visitors to the blog. However, not many people will trust a free blog site. They are looking for authority and people who pay for their hosting and domain name. So once they have their blog established - normally around 3 to 6 months - depending on how much you work on the blog and promote the blog. Now, they will pay for their domain name and hosting services. Why do they do this?
  1. Google looks for sites that have authority, their own unique domain name, and that is normally hosted on a paid service. This proves that you're interested in your blog and not just creating a blog to scam people. 
  2. A blog that is hosted and has a unique domain name will get more organic traffic to the blog site.
  3. Your blog content will appear more often on the first page of search engines.
  4. Google will be able to send people to your blog to rank and rate your blog and the content.
  5. You can't add paid advertising on a free blog site. Normally, the company who offers the free site will advertise on your blog.
  6. When people visit a free blog site, they don't like the idea of seeing ads all over the site that the hosting company puts on the free blog.
  7. You are giving any free blog site hosting company free advertising space and you're not paid for the space used on your blog.
  8. If you host your blog you can now charge people to advertise on your blog and make money.
  9. You can also put up your own affiliate advertising on the blog and earn from this.
There are the major pros and cons of having a free blog site hosted by Blogspot or any other free hosting company. 
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This is a good idea in doing bloggs inline, it is not easy to maintain the blogg and earn from it, you must be an specialist in making blogs.
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Off course it's possible. Sometimes, the domain doesn't really matter, all that matters is the contents and availability of the blog to be reached by intended visitors.

I have two blogs, one is a free blog with blogger and i've been able to make it popular by my efforts and hard work. I think I can call it a success because I have over a hundred thousands followers with hundreds of views on average a month.

The reason I have a second blog which is not a free service is due to probably some of the concerns you have. Sometimes a free service doesn't look official and can lead to missing some opportunities. Seriously minded businesses looking to do business with you might re-think their decision if they are presented with a free service blog since whatever venture they have in mind involves money. Nobody wants to do business with a partner who runs a free website.

Another problem with subdomains is that the address are kind of complicated and visitors are likely to forget the name or address. A domain on the other hand is quiet easy to remember as it involves just the name followed by an address suffix.

As a beginner, it's advisable you use free services like you have done to see how it all works out. If you get to a point when you believe you're getting successful as you wish, then you can put in the money and start using paid services.
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I agree with these because I have free blog wite too and I am not successful with it yet, still trying to work out. 

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