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K.O Trivia is another app you can download and play trivial games on your mobile devices. You can win money for answering trivia questions on the app. Has anyone ever played this before and how is the game?

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I have played and it is just a waste of time to be honest.

You enter games to win $1, then you play sometimes get extra lives and if you are the last ne standing you get the $1. However sometimes you want to play more than one game that is worth $1 (as most r not worth $$$). Then it tells you ca n only earn $$ after 24 hours, which means you cna earn only up to $1 per day, which is useless...

It is a big NOPE, at least for me. Now if you are in for the fun go for it.
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K.O Trivia is a app that deals with win cash and rewards prizes on quiz Games content rating. This app is listed in Trivia category of app store. You could visit Total Trivia's website to know more about the app , the company  and developer who developed the app. KO Trivial :win cash and reward prizes on quiz games can be downloaded and installed on android devices supporting api and above. Download the app using your favourite browser and click on install to install the app. The site provides original and pure apk files and provide faster download speed than Ko Trivial.

You could also download apk KO Trivia ; win cash prizes  on quiz game and run it on your gadget using popular android emulators.

The app n also be gotten from Google app store and you can use KO Trovia through following steps choose tournament tto complete for. Players get knocked out from the tournament as they answer questions wwrongly and run out of lives. Last longer than others players in trivia tournament and win more coins.Redeem coins in the reward store for

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