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My partner always play game and I notice even he is tired he will still playing and if i told him to sleep he will get mad at me instead.
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I think that I have played so many times and ended up sleeping on the game especially when I was still a teenager. 

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I think playing game is cool and very nice for me. I don't really get tired of playing game because it is my hobby and I do it much often than you can imagine. But I respect one thing; timing and courtesy; I don't play game when I'm with my partner or any other person because courtesy demand that you learn to respect people.
I really don't push hard on my self because I know too much game usually affect human psychology. So I decided to allow nature take its space anytime it comes knocking without getting harsh. Should I refuse to allow the nature takes its course. It usually result to severe headache which usually last 2days.

It is bad to value games than fellow human. So talk things over with your partner surely he'll amends from the bad acts.
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I'm a gamer so I play computer games and other games too whether mobile, video or online games. I enjoy playing all the games available but I don't go hard on myself like being very tired and still playing. I'm no addict and don't play for money so I can't be so tired and still be playing computer games or any other games.

I play computer games when I'm really bored or have friends and we need to just while away time and have fun while interacting, it can really be helpful to keep friends that one is hanging out with.
Some computer games are brain stimulating, so when I want to stay alert mentally I look for a mental activating game to play and it always put my innovative and creative ideas in motion to beat all odds.
All these can be achieved without being tired.
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It is not surprising to see people get addicted to things not only drugs or alcohol but also games. I was once like that. I was addicted to so many things including games. I used to play computer game to the point I won't remember I haven't eating until my mother would bring it to my cognizance that I haven't done so all day.

Additionally, after the habit of playing game was broken another habit of watching movies followed, that I can stay all day watching movies without doing any chores at home, and this often got into watching movie till next morning around 4pm before going to bed.

What am I saying in essence, that your partner refusal to sleep even when it's written all over his face that he's tired and needs to sleep; is an habit which has taken over his neulogical system. The truth is, he's addicted to playing games that's why he's always engrossed in it to the point he keeps denying himself the time to sleep.
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Anyone that has had time to play the game will agree with me that getting tired is off point unless you are not playing the game that you really enjoy. I have been playing this game and believe me, it is one of the ways that I get to relax and have fun. Instead of feeling bored when I am alone, I should always try to create time to play the game.

Also, it is pretty difficult to feel tired when we are playing the game with those of our friends that are around. This is the period where you will see us having to play the game all through the night while having a good feeling about it.

It is not that it is quite easy to go all through the night without feeling tired, but the truth is that you can't deny the fact that playing games is am exciting activity to get involved in as well.
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Getting addicted to playing computer and online games is the first thing that gets you so hooked up with playing even when it's imperative that you stop playing at the moment but simply because you are too hooked up deep with playing the games that you are addicted to, you are definitely not going to stop no matter what anyone tells you.

Personally, I started playing computer video games when I was still a kid and all through my teenage years and even now as an adult, I still play computer games whenever I have the chance to play because I'm always committed with lots of work, both in the office and at home.

It's has never been an easy thing facing to up to one's life challenges and sorting them out. So, as much as I love the games and still play, I have other things that takes my time.
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Its nice to have a hobby like playing video games or sports.

Allthough, its not very good to keep playing video games if you are tired or exhausted. This can cause some serious damage and hurt in the long run.
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