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I think despite them hurting you, you felt the love and you had became happy with them during the time you have them. The love that you have that person makes you want him again and again because you are still happy with them.
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I can speak from experience I've been hurt time and time again by my partner of 7 years but I forgive but never forget because I keep choosing to see the good qualities in him. In a way it's also fear, the fear of throwing 7 years away and the fear of loving someone new and starting all over again if that makes sense.
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I think it rests upon the comfort and familiarity that both of you shared. Even if the number of days that hurt exceeded the number of days that don't, which eventually led you to ending your relationship, when you start to recall how much that person knows you, how much emotion you have poured into that love, you might wonder, can we give it another shot?
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Love for me is unconditional. Whether someone hurts me or not my love for that person is totally unaffected by the hurt. I guess we all have flaws, it won't be surprising to me for my lover to exhibit hers towards. All I have to do in such situation is to remember that nobody is perfect, and I would strive within me to tolerate her and let the love I have for her overshadow the hurt. And we both can move on from the hurt by forgiving her regardless of her mistakes of hurting me.

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Its all about memories. Memories serve a better part of every relationship. You find that someone is almost giving up on the other party but when she recalls how the person has been good and how much time they've spent together going out on outings, makes them stick to the person.

Also, a lot of people hate from jumping from one relationship to the other. They hence opt to stick around hoping they'll change. Also some people fear that when they move on,they might find other lovers who are even worse than their current. Finally, others just stick around because they've spent too much time together and they fear that they might not find someone else soon. 
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The heart is a strange organ and the mind can be just as hard to figure out. Once you find the person in your life that you love it is very hard to get them out of your heart, mind, and sole. Even your first love of your life no matter how young you were, still plays a very special role in your life believe it or not. You'll never forget your first love and from time to time you'll think back on him and wonder how he is doing or where he is right now. You'll never forget your first true love in your life and how you wished that it would last forever. 

Even if you were married young, had a child, and things ended badly, you'll never forget this person in your life. One person might go away and you'll never see them again. This is unfortunate for a young child, but things do happen. Then all of a sudden 37 years later they appear out of nowhere and pretend to be your friend again just to find out how their son or daughter was. No matter how bad the marriage ended the feeling is still hidden deep down in your memories and you want to believe deep down in your heart this person is really serious and just wants to keep in touch and be friends. Then again they do something to hurt you and the feeling swell up again and you swear that it will never happen again. But you know it will. There is just something about it that feeling and memories can't be erased ever. 

Once a person touches your life it is very difficult to get them out of your mind and the feeling keeps popping up again and again. You can try and forget, but one nice when you can't sleep, see a movie, or something happens the memories have a way of returning to make you dwell on them once again. 
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