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My Huawei p8 has 4G LTE but voLTE is not still available. When will be the update coming?

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Huawei has launched new P10 series phones and Huawei's 9 series like mate 9 etc with voLTE support. The company is promoting these latest handsets by featuring its voLTE support too. So Huawei seems to be not interested in giving voLTE update for their older mobile phones.
You can confirm your model's support on this official page from Huawei http://consumer.huawei.com/my/support/find-model/index.htm
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It's now been a common practice among big brands, whenever they introduce a new model they force people, especially their old customers to buy the new model by completely stopping the support to older models, even in an year.
We should abandon such companies. Never buy products from these kind of cheating companies.
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+1 to Greg. Actually these companies are cheating their customers without giving proper support. They should be punished atleast through these kind of forums.

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