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I actually have a big family history of diabetes and I'm worried I will have trouble in the future as well. I'm still pretty young so I would like to do everything I can to prevent it. I've been working out more regularly and also kinda changed my diet for the better but I read online that anthocyanins can help prevent diabetes. 
After a quick google  I found this Product which is as I understand it Healthberry which is high on said anthocyanins. I was wondering if anyone knows if it's good to take supplements like the one linked or even any other one? Does it benefit me in the long run? 

Thanks in advance for the answers!

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My mother has diabetes and she has been managing it for years.Up till now,researchers don't fully understand the cause of diabetes but it is clear that some factors increases the risk.

Being overweight is a risk factor for diabetes.If your body store fat in your abdomen, then you are at risk.The less active you are in exercising, the higher your risk.Also,your risk of diabetes increases if your parents or siblings have it.It is still unclear why some race have more people with diabetes than other race.Your risk of diabetes increase as you grow older.

Now to your question, the fact is that new studies are accessing the effect of anthcyanine on diabetes.Fruits rich in anthocyanine were used in conducting the research and it was discovered that higher consumption of anthocyanine and anthocyanine rich fruit lowers the risk of type 2 diabetes.The findings showed an association but did not prove that the fruits themselves prevent diabetes.

I suggest you talk to a qualified medical personnel. Of all the risk factors mentioned above,almost two third of them can be minimised by making healthy eating decisions and exercising.Balanced eating diet low in fat,saturated fat,simple sugar and cholesterol combined with an active lifestyle can decrease your chance of developing type 2 diabetes 

Bottom line-  Continue filling  half your plate with tasty,beautiful, nutrient packed fruits with veggies.

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Thanks so much for the long answer :) 
I know diabetes is managable but well I'm pretty afraig of needles and you can't get around those so I just want to lower the risk.

Thankfully I'm not overweight or anything even if I do got some fat on my tummy but nothing to be considered a risk fact but I will keep a watch on my weight.

I've been talking to my general physician for a while about this but he is against taking any supplements. He doesn'T even like me taking magnesium/calcium when I have cramps in my legs, which is why I wondered if he is the best person to talk about supplements with. 

Anyways. I thank you for the answer and I guess I'll keep my diet under strict control then.

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