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I started writing my blog, so I need your suggestions to improve my writings and presentation. Please help me out, and see the blog from the link.
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I have just scan through the contents on your blog and they are well written base on my basic knowledge about blogs and compare to the blogs I have visited, you are not doing bad.
Your blog specialise on health fitness and beauty which focus on the use of herbs to form recipes for cure of health issues or skin problems,  this is good one but it going be tasking because there will be need for extensive research to always update the articles or get more recipes to keep the blog very active.
The way the ingredients were were placed is a good one and it will be good if you can arrange the steps of making the recipes in that manner such that it will be a step by step instructions instead of the way it was written in sentences.
Best of luck,  you can also hire people to submit articles while you pay them so that the blog can be more active.
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Okay, so first impressions - it's got a very minimalist design, which makes it satisfying to scroll through. However, the blue background is a bit off-putting, along with the very large articles. I think, formatting wise, you should choose a warmer, more neutral color to go for your background. Also, keep the articles smaller, so that you can list more. Try and make it satisfying for the viewer to look through your posts.

When I clicked on your articles, they seemed very professional and cold-ish. Basically, we don't see any of your personality coming through your writing. This would be great for a journal, but not for a blog. It's okay to use first person to talk about your research. Make sure you also have an introduction and conclusion to your posts. Your audience should feel included, not disconnected.
Lastly, I noticed that you really like writing your articles in list format. This is good for posts like your Essential Oils for Skin Tightening post - I like how you elaborated under each bullet point. However, posts like your Health Benefits of Grapes article could use a little more description. It seems a bit bland and abrupt to throw a bullet list at your audience without another word.

All in all, a great blog! Very informational and well written. Just fix some things, and you're golden!
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