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Connecting PC anywhere is being a vital task in business network world and to be secure is the most important part of it In order to get rid off from threats use a secure remote access software witimage h high security login credentials to deploy ransomware.

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I would use a VPN which encrypts the connection from the Remote computer to the office's network. The information that flows from the remote computer to the offices network will be scrambled and anyone trying to get the information will not be able to read it. I would also use a Firewall that will block all unwanted access to you computer. I would also use a virus protection like Norton. I hope this helps. Thanks for your question.
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If you do not want malware infecting your computer you will need to purchase a good antivirus software. Not on the software will stop this but you need to scan each and every device you connect to your computer. People pass files back and forth through the use of USB devices. These devices can put malware on your computer if you do not scan them before opening them up. You also need to trust the website you are downloading from. Many downloads contain malware. 
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