Connecting PC anywhere is being a vital task in business network world and to be secure is the most important part of it. In order to get rid off from threats use a secure remote access software with high security login credentials to deploy ransomware.

Secure remote desktop from Malware

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I would you a VPN connection between the remote computer and the Offices Network. This creates encrypted tunnel between the remote computer and the office. The encryption scrambles information so no outside source can read the files. I would also use a Firewall that will prevent and information from coming into the remote computer. I would also use a virus protection for your remote computer. I would recommend Norton. I hope this has answered you question. Thank you for your time.
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You are right and malware can enter a computer at any time. In order to have remote access from one computer to an office computer, you do need a secure and encrypted connection. At home, it will be a bit more difficult but in the office, your security team can set up encryption and certain firewalls that must be used when you are connecting to a home computer. 
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Hi there,

My name is Nesim and I am here to try and help you out with the question you might have.

First of all if you want to secure your remote desktop connection you should be using one of the premium VPN's

and nowadays there is literally ton of them. But the one I highly recommend is "ExpressVPN"

It is very flexible and you could find yourself doing multiple things with it right.

Also if your using windows 10 make sure your windows defender is set to defend you from any viruses or potential threats and your good to go.

But if your not using windows 10 I highly suggest using AVG antivirus which is the most amazing one I ever stumbled upon (even though I am not using it anymore since I use latest version of windows 10 with it's own windows defender now), but earlier I was only using AVG for those kind of things.

Hope this answers your question,

Best Regards,

Nesim Nuredinovski 
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