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On the site, I've received several notifications about one of my comments receiving an upvote or the best answer from the site. However, when I go back to look at the question there is nothing showing at all. It is like the best answer or the thanks was taken off. How is this possible?
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It seems that the site is allowing this. I read from below comments. Now I want to go down to most of my questions and to pick who are the best when it comes to answer. Thanks Answeree for letting us know. I just hope some people will not change their minds for picking my answer as their best answer, though.

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Users can select or change a best answer to the questions they asked. And the same in case of votes too. They can cancel the vote made earlier by them if they feel the answer hasn't worked for them. However downvoting is allowed only if a user upvoted earlier on the same answer ( ie: one can cancel their up vote ). 

But in your case most probably there is a chance that someone played with those buttons. New users sometimes use those buttons just for their curiosity to know how it is working. It may happen in q&a sites and nothing unusual there. 

To avoid these kind if complications on such instances we are planning to add a liveticker on our site which shows recent or current activities by the members. Still it goes to another debate, is it fair to make those votes public. At present only moderators can see who voted to whom etc. But is it advisable to make the votes public? Member's suggestions invited.

Hope this helps. Thank you for the feedback.
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Thank you, Answeree team!

I do believe it should go public, but not on activities (checking people's activity would be weird), instead it could show a little box or drop down showing who upvoted/thanked you or gave you best answer. 

As for notifications for best answer/thanks I guess perhaps it could not be sent through e-mail but only showed on our notifications inside answeree.

Thank you for being open and supportive!

I have only been able to see best answer on the questions I have asked. I have checked on other questions and it doesn't seem to show up. Not sure if this is correct or not.

To show up the best answer the questioner should select one of the answers as the best answer.

Thank you, this is how I thought it worked. Not everyone can select best answer on all the questions. We can only do this on our own questions. 

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That is weird, as I have just checked on my profile and that has not happened to me at all. I advise you to talk to the team of answeree to sort it out.

Perhaps it is Just something happening now, perhaps in a few hours, it will go back to normal. Maybe you have been answering many questions and the system has seen that and is a little bit confused managing answers/notifications.

Give it some time perhaps...or check with the Answeree team...I haven't experienced this issue at all.

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I received an email indicating that one of my answers was chosen as Best Answer. However, when I come here I can see the notification on my account. But if you click on the question there is no indication what so ever that the answer was chosen as best answer and there was another notification that said that another comment received thanks.  

The two notifications said that my answer thanks and was chosen as the best answer. But when checking on this it wasn't true at all or the system isn't recording this or the person deleted it. Just curious why I'd receive an email from the site and also be able to see this in my notifications if it wasn't true. There is nothing on my answer that shows an upvote or the best answer 
Mmmm weird indeed. I highly advise you to talk to the Answeree team. Maybe the person changed the favorite answer / thanks...even though it makes no sense because if that was possible why would the website send you an e-mail, right?! I would talk to the team to sort this out, maybe it is justJa glicth on the site...

Thank you, I think I send them a PM to see what has happened. It did seem awfully strange to me to see the notification here on the site and also receive an email. I have had this happen a few time. I've received notification that 2 people upvoted one of the answers I had given and when you go to look it says 0. I'm not sure what is happening but maybe this isn't an isolated problem and others just haven't noticed it yet. Hopefully, this won't continue on it is discouraging to see notifications that are false. 
Hope my answer helped you.
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Actually, Its depends upon the discretion of the Questioner to select which answer is best and he/she can change it any time (later or at the very moment). Same thing is applicable in the matter of 'thanks'. If I click twice on +button (thanks button) you will get a notification (may be notification like this 'someone thanked your answer') but there will be no increase in the count. For example, If I press once, the count will increase 0 to1 after a second and if I press again after one second, then it will revert to 0.  You will get notification for the first action not for the second. If I press button third time, it will show +1. I dont know about the notification for the third action.
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