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Yes I have bought and sold plenty on facebook. Sometimes I would put an item on my profile and sell it from there but it's probably best to find a group which is local to you which sells many items because then people will go to it with the intention of looking for certain products they want to buy. You need to search under the heading For Sale, Free or Wanted on your facebook and find the right one for your area.

There are many things you can sell from these groups from cars to baby clothes. As long as they are in good condition people will want to buy. I sold a toddler bed there for £50 when my granddaughter became too big for it which went towards a new one for her.
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If you wish to sell something, selling on the popular social media Facebook is possible for almost nothing. However, you must keep in mind that it is a social network. So,avoid using your Facebook page as a simple way to promote your products. Work together with your group of people and answer questions. Communicate and your fans will definitely listen to you.
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Facebook is the leading social media platform with most users. If you are a seller you can convert all these millions of Facebook users into potential buyers. I have sell a lot of comodities via Facebook. The most resent one is my used mountain bike. I wanted to dispose it and I took photos of my bike and advertised it on Facebook and attached my conducts in a week time a buyer called me and that's how I sold my bike. 
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It is very possible now not with the over 2 billion people on Facebook now would one not take such an advantage of making fast sale of whatever it is on Facebook. Facebook is a great platform to make sales and grow ones business.

You can post your product ad on your timeline and tagged most of your friends so they can get to see it on their own time line. You can also DM them the different products and explain the uses to them to ginger them to buy.

You can also create a page for your products on Facebook, urging your friends to like the page and you can be doing full showcase of the products on the page to have more reach and coverage which will enhance sales.
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It definitely is. In this modern day world, social media such as Facebook has been a huge part of almost every person's life. In fact, research shows that the number of users now hit the 1.65 billion mark, and that a person spends an average of 50 minutes on Facebook each day! Come to think of it, if you want more audience to market or sell your product, where else would you go?

With Facebook, you can create an album labeled with each one of your products, and you can post and share this for as long as you want. Hence, people will easily notice it. If in case you are trying to develop your own name or brand, you can link your profile to a page that's specifically intended for your products.

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