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I am using Google ads on my blog. How can I get better click through rates without losing the aesthetics of my blog design? Where should I position my ads?

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If you want ads to be more visible on a website they need to be above the fold. This means when you display a page on your website the ad should appear on this page without having to scroll down. This brings the attention to the viewer and they can see the ad when they are reading or view a page on your site. 

Many advertisers want prime advertising space on blog site. They expect you to display your ads above the fold. This is where the ads get the most views and clicks. I think if you arranged your right side menu around a bit and displayed the ads at the top of your pages this would help to get more clicks on the ads you are using right now.

You'll need to keep in mind there are many people who don't see any ads on any pages they view. They have an ad blocker set up that blocks all ads from being seen on a website. The only way to stop this is like many website owners is doing now. You'll need to install a plugin that will block people from viewing your site as long as they are using an ad blocker. You can kindly let them know this is how your site earns money and if they'd like to see the content to please turn off the ad blocker when viewing your site. This works in most cases, but there are a few people who will just click away and find another site to view.

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