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Your question reminds me of a question posted on another forum "is their anything science cannot do?".. The truth is technology has made life easier for a lot of people. Gone are the days when people were not able to communicate over  large distances but we have phones now.With the press of a few button,you will be able to talk to someone at the other end of the world

Technology has helped  humans in the area of transportation, medicine,name it..You will be so amazed how people interact with their devices(phones) on the street without paying attention to the world around them.

Technology with its plethora of benefits also come with a whole slew of disadvantages too..pollution, accidents,cybercrimes and tons of other demerits.

Well,people might say that because we have gotten used to technology, then if our phones are taking away from us,,we will never cope but the truth thing humans do the best is" adaptation". If technology is wiped out of planet earth, people may feel it for some time but after a while,people will adapt and learn to live without those things.

If their was no technology at all,I guess the world will still be in the stone age.
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The world would be slower, since we depend on it for just about anything! Either to talk to someone from far away or just ask for a pizza, the exchange of messages would be through letters that takes absurdity to get to the sender, however the pros is that people would be more social, groups of friends would be quite large, off other various things.
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At one time spearheads had to be made by chipping flint. They averaged 1 1/2 inches of cutting edge per pound of flint. Obviously the tribes were headed for peak flint. But a funny thing happened. In a fairly short time they were getting almost five FEET of cutting edge per pound.

That is technology: finding better techniques to do things. And humans are very very good at finding better techniques. Maybe you thought "technology" only meant transistors. Well, your horizons have now been expanded.

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